My 4 golden rules for perfect lashes & brows

I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle when it comes to being high maintenance about my appearance. I definitely care, I wear makeup pretty much everyday and I spent money on getting my brows, hair and nails done. But, I feel like I’m fairly relaxed because I don’t spend hours and hours on it and I don’t want to look like I’ve just walked off Love Island. Basically, I unashamedly love beauty and I find it really fun to experiment with makeup and beauty trends. Here are my four rules for getting perfect lashes and brows because sometimes that’s all that makes you happy sometimes and that’s OK.

1. Always curl your lashes

Curling lashes is so important! It makes your lashes look longer and your mascara goes on so much better. You’re basically doing your mascara a huge favour by curling your lashes. My favourites are the Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lash Curler – I would recommend these hands down! They’re a great alternative to the cult Shu Umuera ones that are also incredible but are a little bit pricier.

2. Vamp it up for special occasions

When it comes to looking absolutely killer in those night out or party Instagram snaps I always find that false eyelashes are essential for making your eyes pop. Almost as important as making sure your foundation doesn’t have SPF in to avoid flashback (but that’s a tip for another blog post…). I love special lashes and these Eylure Emma Willis corner lashes are so cool for adding a different touch. You can layer these two pairs up or wear them individually – they’re so versatile!

Even when I’m just feeling like adding a little extra touch to a cat eye flick I like to use singular corner lashes for a more natural look. This is a great tip for not looking overdone but still giving your look an edge! False eyelashes have come a seriously long way from when I used to buy 20 pairs from eBay and layer them up. Geordie Shore has a lot to answer to to my 18 year old self’s attitude to beauty. Let’s not go there! Check out my post with my Top 5 tips for applying false lashes for some more lash-lifting tips too.

3. Brow maintenance is key

I posted a few months ago about my love for getting my eyebrows done in this post where I said to never trust someone with bad eyebrows. Obviously, this is a joke but I really think that eyebrows are such an important thing to frame your face and bring everything together. Plucking brows is something that I never do. I’ve not been blessed with thick brows, they’re really thin and fair but when I get them dyed and shaped they really look so much better! Honestly, if you’ve never tried HD brows – do it – it could change your life.

4. Always fill in your brows

If I’m leaving the house with minimal makeup I’ll always pop on concealer, a bit of bronzer, I’ll fill in my brows, curl my lashes and add some mascara. Even if your complexion is looking less than perfect if your brows and lashes are standing out and looking spot on – you’ve nailed looking put together. I’ve been trialling the Fleur De Force for Eylure Brow Tamer product over the past week or so and it’s fab. I’ve always used some sort of eyebrow mascara to set my brows as well as pencil or pomade to create the shape. This Fleur de Force product is great because it has a coloured side and a clear side so it’s fab for day and night when you want a stronger look or just a bit of control. Fab!

This has been a sponsored post with Eylure but if you know me, you’ll know that I love my brows and lashes to be perfect so it’s pretty much a perfect brand match!

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