How to change up your style when the weather sucks

I’m sure we were all hoping for florals, cute striped trousers and light jackets by the middle of March but the Beast from The East is havin’ none of that – am I right? So, we need a few cute ideas to jazz up outfits now that we’re having to still rock knitwear and thermal leggings under your jeans.

I’ve been surrendering my Apple Watch and actually trying to make a bit of an effort with adding jewellery to my outfits as cute touches. I was kindly gifted these absolutely gorgeous Sacet Luija Climber earrings in Rose Gold and I’ve been loving wearing them as an everyday gem. As far as jewellery goes I’m all about funky earrings, chunky watches and interesting rings and I like things to look a little different than you would usually find. I’m not a Pandora or a Thomas Sabo girl – I like my jewellery to be a little off beat and edgy. I like sharp edges and clean lines not flowers and gemstones so I’m loving the different pieces that Sacet have. Check out the Open River and the Tributary rings from the same Luija collection if you like these earrings.

The packaging is also beautiful and the story of Sacet is also fantastic and another great reason to shop with them. They focus on a sustainable approach with three things: People. Planet. Profit. All of their silver is 100% recycled. They also have eco-friendly packaging such as the white outer box being made from FSC recycled cardboard and FSC recycled paper!

What are your favourite jewellery brands? Let me know in the comments and let me know what you think of Sacet.

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