Where to eat vegan in Leeds – Temple Coffee & Doughnuts

Well, I say Leeds because technically it is in Leeds. But, it is not in the city centre. Only visit these guys if you’re driving or you’re going to the student-y side of Leeds anyway. Don’t take a £13 round trip in an Uber for one like we did. Doh. (Lol, just read that back, not an intentional doughnut pun, I’m just gonna leave that in there…). It was almost worth it though because these guys are insanely delicious.

Hidden next to somewhere called GSF Car Parts, a giant red corrugated iron building, (I’m really selling this place so far aren’t I?) is this little gem. Temple Coffee & Doughnuts are a mostly vegan doughnuts little haunt that serves these amazing monstrosities. They do some non vegan doughnuts, the cookies & cream one below wasn’t vegan but my delightful raspberry dream was and they do all kinds of coffee and ice cream too!

Check them out on Instagram for their delicious combos of flavours. They even do ice cream sandwiches in the middle of doughnuts in the summer which looks just as delicious as you’d imagine. They sell super cool brand Red Temple Prayer, their own mugs and loads of other goodies. If you’re a doughnut-lover, you need to try a Temple doughnut!

How many times can I say doughnut in one blog post?

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