We bought a house!

Someone thought it was totally OK to give us a mortgage (here’s looking at you Natwest, no going back now) – so we bought a house! Hence why things have been a little thin on the ground and sporadic over the past few weeks – it gets a bit stressful, dunnit?

Now we’re in thanks to the in-laws of dreams and a lot of hard work and there’s not a cardboard box in sight after two and a half days of unpacking and sorting out. There’s something to be done in every room and it’s going to be at least a year, if not longer until everything is exactly how we want it to be, let’s not talk about the kitchen, but we’ll get there. So, here’s introducing a new section of proper interiors onto the blog. I’ve always loved interiors but living in rented flats and houses really limits you to basically changing your sheets and hanging a few prints if you’re handy with the Polyfilla so I’m really looking forward to finally being able to decorate like a grown up.

Everything is a blank canvas as the seller painted everything white before she moved out apart from the lovely bathroom so I was really pleased when the Citrus Coulis bouquet from Appleyard Flowers arrived and gave me a lil more colour to the starkness. We didn’t realise how much of our furniture was white until we saw it all together! That’s soon to change though so keep your eyes peeled.

As I said earlier, the bathroom is gorgeous and I just need to sort out the cupboard in there to The Home Edit standards and I’ll be happy. We might add in a cute jazzy floor at some point but we’re loving how it is currently. Luckily, it was recently overhauled and it’s totally our style. We’ve picked up a super cool towel ladder rail jobby and a metal basket for the loo rolls that you’ll see below but other than that we’re not adding or taking away anything to the bathroom. AKA – my favourite room rn because it doesn’t have some weird 80s wood thing happening anywhere.

Shop My Home Style

Obviously this post doesn’t give a lot away because there’s a lot of work to do but with some of our accessories added in and the bathroom being so lovely we can show off our home style a little bit. I’ve put together a little selection of pieces that are either really similar to or that we actually own for your perusal! First up, this skull bell jar ornament from George at Asda is awesome and now out of stock but I’ve found it on eBay for twice the price (ouch). It looks so cool and it’ll probably move home to the living room once that becomes a project but it’s currently chilling in the dining room.

We snapped up the Aldi black and marble lamps way back in February when everyone including the Daily Mail were going mad for them but I’ve found these really similar copper and marble lamps online that are equally lovely. These live in our bedroom at the moment but I’m 100% not putting a photo of the in built bedside table monstrosities that they currently can’t even sit on. Don’t get me started.

Reverting back to the bathroom, this is the exact Matalan black metal basket that our lil loo rolls sit in and it was an incredible £5! And, this is the awesome Jax Ladder Rail from Made.com which we nabbed £30 off in their summer sale. My final bathroom love is & Other Stories Arabesque Wood Hand Wash which is hands down the best smelling thing on this earth. Love it.

Finally, some little accessories that we have dotted around that make things a bit more interesting are our evil eye trinket dish which is similar to this Sass & Belle trinket dish, our H&M tray which is almost identical to this Dunelm Mill gold round tray and our New Look grey and white hexagonal shelves which are super similar to this H&M hexagonal wood shelf. So, there you have it! You can shop our style like the best of ’em, now!

P.S – We’ve started a little Instagram account to document our home over at @hausfifteen so go on over and give it a follow! I promise I’ll put up a story of the before and show you the progress. Oh, and this post includes affiliate links and a gift from Appleyard Flowers, but you knew that already!

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