Brand discovery: Erborian

Don’t you love it when you discover a new brand that you haven’t heard of before and they’re stuff is totally cute and just works? This is how I’m feeling about Korean skincare and beauty brand Erborian right now. This packaging though, it’s so super cute and I’ve been loving these products so far. I get sent quite a few new launches from some lovely PRs and I don’t always blog about them all if they don’t set my world on fire but I’ve really fallen for this brand and wanted to share some of their lovely bits with you.

The first product that I’ve been loving and I actually featured a few weeks ago in my June favourites post is the Erborian Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream. This is a 2 in 1 moisturiser and glow-giving primer and it’s awesome. They call it the ‘dream skin activator’ because it hydrates and illuminates skin and it’s perfect as a 2 in 1 base when you’re short of time or travelling. I also love it as a highlighter on top of makeup if things are looking a bit dull. Next up is an amazing base that’s perfect over the top of the moisturiser I’ve just mentioned.

The Erborian BB Crème Au Ginseng Clair 15ml is meant to be the ‘secret of the Korean skin perfection’ and is meant to transform skin and give it that baby skin look that is perfection. It’s absolutely unreal. It seriously does this! My skin looks awesome after applying this and it’s great to throw on quickly if there’s no time for blending foundation and concealer with a damp beauty blender and all that fuss. Of course this isn’t a ridiculously long lasting base, it doesn’t last ages, especially in this hot weather we’ve got but it’s fab for something to throw on before a gym class if you’re not keen on being 100% make up free. This is definitely something I use it for if I’m not having a great skin day.

Move over Touche Eclat, this guy has a cuter applicator than you. The Touch Pen Clair is Erborian’s version of the under eye highlighter that every brand seems to do. In this realm of product I also love the Mac Prep + Prime Under Eye Highlighter as it’s great for covering dark circles and generally brightening my face. This is a good little product, I wouldn’t say it’s any better or worse than the YSL classic or the Mac version that I already like, it works, let’s put it that way! The thing I really like is the super cute sponge applicator because it’s really different. I actually like it because it’s less wet than the other brush versions so it’s great for just getting a tiny amount of product out.

The last product in my new found love line up is the Erborian Copper Glow. This is a pressed powder that doubles up as a bronzer. It gives a totally different glow to normal bronzer because it’s quite red-toned but really pale. I’m currently using Nars Laguna which is obviously quite deep and dark and I look like I’ve been on holiday to Bali when I’ve used this. That’s exactly what I want when I’ve fake tanned (using my fave from this post obviously!) and I’m feeling definitely more bronzed than usual. The Erborian Copper Glow is a great bronzer for when I’m not fake tanned as it’s a better, more natural fit for my skin tone. It can also be used just as a blush which is awesome as it’s not too orangey/bronze’.

Please let me know if you’ve used Erborian before, what you think and if you’ve got any product recommendations in the comments! I’ve been loving these guys so far and they’ve definitely made their way into my daily beauty routine. 

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