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Ok, when I say capsule, I mean it’s all put together like an edit – there isn’t necessary the minimal amount of clothes that I could possibly have here. And, full disclosure, I’m missing some shirts from this line up because they needed ironing and it was easier to take them out of shot. Real talk.

I envy people with actual capsule wardrobes, they are amazing. But, I like shopping and hoarding my clothes a bit too much to be a total capsule convert. I’ve toyed with the idea for a few years but I know that it’s probably not in my nature to have literally only two t-shirts or something mad like that. I like to have the option to pack away pieces of my wardrobe into the loft or boxes under the bed when I’m not feeling it and then grab pieces out the next season or, when the weather comes around, like this time. I did my summer to autumn/winter wardrobe swap out this weekend, had a good clear out and found loads of pieces that are fab to add to my workwear wardrobe. Then, I decided to share it with you guys because there are some obvious themes…

As I mentioned, it’s safe to say that there’s a clear theme throughout this edit, I like to think that I know what suits me and what I feel comfortable in. I definitely have a colour palette too. I love black, navy, red and grey with the occasional print (usually leopard) and stripe. I like a straight leg trouser with a bit of a cropped leg, midi skirts, skinny jeans and plain black and white tees. I know most of this stuff goes together and that just makes my life super easy.

My latest shoe loves for this workwear edit are the ASOS ROXANNA Suede Pointed Ankle Boots (nabbed in the sale so only size 4, 7 and 8 left!) and my box fresh New Balance 420 (similar in pink on ASOS here!). I also my Converse 70 in cream from my McArthurGlen post, plain black H&M loafers, all leather Vans Old Skool and plain black leather Chelsea boots and some awesome leopard print Chelsea boots. I’ve also got some nude suede pointed court shoes for when fancy heels are needed but I’m not a heel height over 2 inches gal unless I can help it.

I always have a ‘work bag’ and decided to pick myself a new one up recently because it’s back to school season – yas honey! I take whatever handbag I’m using at the time, of course, but I always need a bag for my laptop/charger/notebook if I’m travelling about and always my lunch, snacks and water bottle. This is essentially a glorified lunch bag but I like it to be stylish, so sue me. This Day Birger et Mikkelson cutie was from TKMaxx for under £20 and it’s water resistant and dead roomy.

I have my work wardrobe on a rail in the spare room next to my shoe rack so I can choose what I want to wear the next day and whack it on the back of the door ready to throw on the next morning. I have these over the door hooks so I can easily see if outfits go together and they’re then easy to grab too! I have a full length mirror in here as well so it’s my temporary dressing room / office before we decide properly what to do with it. We’re thinking about maybe installing another fitted wardrobe into our bedroom so we have one each and that’ll be filled by these clothes if it ever happens! I still have my knitwear folded up in a drawer in our bedroom because I don’t like to hang it as it goes all saggy on the shoulders. 

Let’s just focus on one of the newest pieces… I’m obsessed with this leopard print skirt from F&F Clothing at Tesco – I did exactly what they want you to and picked it up on our Saturday morning big shop. I do find that Tesco have the cutest, most on trend supermarket clothes around. My giant black aviator jacket was from there from last winter and I’ve dug it out again for this year because it was awesome quality and so, so warm! Unfortunately, they’ve taken their clothes off the website for online shopping which sucks so I can’t link to this skirt, but keep your eyes peeled because it’s only £22 and is dreamy!

What are your workwear essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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