My Sunday Best

Sundays are the days for having fun, doing something cute with the people you love and chilling out to the max. This weekend we had a DIY and jobs day on Saturday after a crazy weekend of entertaining the weekend before and then Sunday was all about relaxing and taking time for ourselves.

Whilst DIYing and general life changes happening everything can get a bit crazy so it was time for a fun day to ourselves. We headed out for some house shopping at H&M home, some autumnal warming lunch at Pieminister and a cinema trip to watch Winnie The Pooh (seriously cute, go and see it!). If we have plans like this for a Sunday then I’ll get a proper ‘outfit’ together and hopefully get an outfit snap or two! Saturdays are spent food shopping and cleaning so usually not a sassy outfit and usually hair up in a pineapple so here’s my casual but with a funky red lip outfit to head out in.

Also, can we just lol at the woman behind me on the graffiti? What is happening here?

I want to talk about knitwear and this obviously absolutely lovely John Smedley navy jumper that I was kindly gifted from them this summer. I’ve been waiting patiently for this glorious sweater weather and it’s finally here! Navy is my go-to for jumpers and sweaters. Black can be harsh and wash me out if I haven’t got enough tan on so navy is a lot more forgiving and it also goes with absolutely everything. This is the Dillon jumper in midnight and it is perfectly slouchy and made for Sunday dressing. Paired with fresh skinny jeans it’s smart enough to look like I’ve made an effort and it’s amazing quality and that shows. But, it’s casual enough to look awesome with trainers. I love the round neck and the oversized fit but I have the size S and I wish I went even smaller because this is a unisex jumper and is still a little bit big on me so that’s definitely a sizing recommendation if anyone purchases unisex knitwear such as this.

Now, onto the food… Pieminister have brought out a new gimmick to their menu. The Sunday Best. Now, I was not a fan of their brunch experiment at all, I thought it was something that they should not have ventured into because it just didn’t suit them, the food or the restaurants to me. But, when I heard about the Sunday Best a.k.a a Sunday roast and a pie I was definitely interested. The bits and bobs that go with a Sunday roast are my favourite bits and I won’t deny this! Stuffing balls, gravy, mash potato, Yorkshires, carrots, ETC! I could go on. These, with a pie? Yep, let’s check it out.

I went for the Free Ranger pie which was chicken, ham and leek and was super tasty. I would recommend grabbing the bottomless gravy (as if that is even a sentence) which is only £1 if you like a lot of gravy because those little jugs are never enough, are they? Loved the mash, pie and gravy. The Yorkshires were a bit tough but I liked the veg that came with it. I didn’t like the horseradish that I didn’t have the choice about being plonked on my veg and sacrificing half of it to the empty gravy jug and as far away from me as possible. What Pieminister do best is pies, sounds silly but it’s so true and they make yummy food when they get it right. The food came a bit too quickly for my liking and rushed us out a little bit but all in all, 7/10 for lunch and I wouldn’t quibble about going there myself and paying a tenner for this myself. Check out the menu for Sunday Best here!

Thanks to Pieminister for our complementary lunch, we really enjoyed it.

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