How to create a skincare routine

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved beauty products of any kind. Firstly, it was all about the makeup. I was seriously fascinated and wish that we had YouTube way back when because it would have been my absolute favourite thing, I’m sure. I was obsessed with What Not To Wear and any makeover show on telly. I read Glamour Magazine from about 15 years old because I just wanted to read the beauty pages and look at the amazing products and read about what they could do to someone’s complexion. Remember graduating from Glitter Babes in Boots to Natural Collection and then taking another step up to 17 makeup? Those were the days!

As much as makeup was a huge part of my life from as young as I can remember, and that was lots and lots of Barry M glitter pots, skin care wasn’t really a huge thing. I took off my makeup but used a lot of face wipes, Simple cleanser, Boots cucumber own brand moisturiser and a lot of WITCH spot stuff!

But now I’m 25 and skincare has blown up as much as it has in the industry over the past few years I’m more obsessed with skincare than ever. I’ve always had spot prone and oily/combination skin so I’m always trying to find products that work for me and I feel like I’m *almost* there. I always find my friends asking me what to use on their skin and I’m always surprised by the amount of people that are still just using face wipes as their sole skincare routine. I suppose if you’ve always been lucky with blemishes then you might not think about it as much as someone with problem skin, am I right? I’m not sure!

 AM – Wake up your skin!

I would always keep masks for the morning, unless it’s a sleeping mask of course, but this is totally personal preference. I just find they sit better when I’ve not just washed my face. A weekend skincare routine for me would be;

1. Mask

Masking isn’t an essential step if you’re new to a skincare routine but they’re perfect if you feel that your skin needs a little extra TLC. I love the Clarins SOS Pure Mask and Yes to Charcoal Detoxifying Peel Off Mask if my skin is feeling congested and spotty. If my skin is feeling pretty clear and happy then I’ll do some brightening and tightening with the Yes to Grapefruit Peel Off mask or the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask. I’ll do this, cleanse afterwards and then carry on with the rest of my routine.

2. Cleanse
In the morning, a refreshing gel cleanser or something with a smell that you love is perfect to wake you up. I don’t have a bottle at the moment because I’m working through some other products but I love the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel because it just feels so restorative and kind to the skin. I’m also obsessed with the smell and texture of the new Yes to Cucumbers Exfoliating Cleansing Balm which honestly smells so good and feels so silky and lovely on the skin with little beads to gently exfoliate.

Top tip: If your skin feels tight when you’ve washed your face then your face wash or cleanser is too drying for your skin, try adding a drop of facial oil or a cream cleanser instead!

3. Treatment or Serum

I’ve found since I’ve started using more serums that my skin is looking healthier. I vary between brightening. hydrating and pore tightening/spot treatment serums depending on how my skin is feeling. For hydration, I love Caudalie Vino Source because although my skin is congested, it can get really dehydrated. But, I also love Clarins Pore Control Serum if my skin is feeling oily that day. I often use different products depending on how my skin is feeling but if you have ‘normal’ skin or something a bit more definite like always dry or always acne prone then you’ll be able to stick to a set range of products.

To end this section… I always love to pop on a bit of The Ordinary Caffeine serum under my eyes in the morning too!

4. Moisturise

If I’m not going out or doing anything very exciting I’ll apply the Erborian BB Creme because it has SPF and a little bit of coverage and it’s a moisturiser too. Bam, all covered up and feeling fresh in one go. I also love Erborian Bamboo Glow as my moisturiser at the moment because it includes a primer.

Whatever you do, cleanse and moisturiser – if you want an easy routine at least make sure you’re treating your skin to a wash in the morning and giving it some moisture before you attack it with makeup!

PM – Give back some love

The evening is all about the double cleanse and giving your skin some love after a hard day. Even if your skin looks like your makeup has totally worn off, you need, need, need, to wash your face. If I’m preaching to the converted here, skip this bit and head straight to the products but if you’re a wipe and go gal, read on for some tips to boost your skincare routine to the next level.

1. Cleansing

A double cleanse is exactly that. Take off your makeup with a cleansing oil, micellar water or a face wipe – whatever is the easiest or most attractive to you that night. Sometimes I love a cleansing oil because it’s actually easier than a face wipe because it’s quicker but I usually have to use an eye makeup remover too so it takes away the speed!

Then, an exfoliating scrub, a cleansing balm, a gel wash, whatever your skin loves, use it. I’m a little bit obsessed with the Yes to Tomato and Charcoal 2 in 1 Face Cleanser & Scrub because it’s gentle and not a harsh scrub but leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. I sometimes add a drop of facial oil to this to give some extra moisturiser too.

2. Treat

Here comes the serum again. I love a retinol or an AHA toner to give some glow or I’ll use the same moisturising serum from the morning. If I’m feeling super spotty I’ll pop on some Origins Super Spot Remover and before I go to bed, I’ll pop on a Yes to Tomatoes Zit Zapping Dot. I used to just pop some mud mask on a big spot before I went to bed but these Yes to mini masks are perfect to replace this. I don’t usually use an eye cream as I don’t suffer with dark circles that badly when I’m in a normal sleep routine but this would be the time to do that if you do.

3. Moisture

I prefer a heavier moisturiser in the evening and the Clarins Extra Firming Nuit is lovely. I’ll pop some tanning drops in there if I’m on the fake tan hype to keep that topped up and then I’ll apply a facial oil like the Botanics one or the new L’Occitane Immortelle Reset which is in the prettiest bottle and is so hydrating and refreshing.

And that’s it! My skincare routine in a blog post and hopefully some inspiration if you’re looking for how to up your skincare game or just some product recommendations.

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