How to choose prints for your home (AND WIN!)

Decorating is the most exciting part of any new home, room or season. Making your space your own is always the best and makes you feel all cosy and homely. Prints and wall art are really important to us and we love to express our personalities and interests with them. But, what’s the best way to choose the prints that you’re going to hang in your home? Here are a few tips and what we usually do…

If you love it, you’ll find a place for it
When shopping or scrolling Insta, if you see something that you instantly fall in love with, buy it! You’ll find the most random place for it and it’ll make you smile every time you see it. That’s what really makes your home yours, items that only you are truly in love with. We have a pair of tattooed people (a Mr & Mrs) prints and I impulse bought them in London one weekend about 4 years ago and we get so many questions about them and people admiring them and we’re forever moving them around the house.

Look for prints based on your interests or memories
This sounds silly and obvious but if you’re waiting to come across the perfect print, you probably won’t find it. But, if you search for prints based around a holiday location you loved visiting or a particular flower that makes you smile then you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Use your own creativity
If you’re handy with a camera, or even if you’re not a David Bailey, you can easily use your own photography to create individual prints that are totally yours.

I also love finding new artists and illustrators and recently came across Annie Montgomery and her style is just beautiful! Today, we’re offering you guys the chance to win my favourite new piece of wall art, the Everyday Paris print. It’s simply chic and really cute and would look lovely in almost any room. I’m still deciding where to put ours but I’m thinking maybe the kitchen when it’s done as it’ll have a bit of a blue theme and I think it’ll look gorge in there! What do you think? Where would you place the Everyday Paris print?

To win this little beauty, simply head to my Instagram and enter there¬†or click on the post below. All you need to do is be following me, follow Annie, like the post and tag a friend in the comments! I’ll be choosing the winner and announcing it on Instagram next Sunday evening, the 14th October. I’ll be posting the print the following week so UK only entries please. The winner will be picked at random.

We already have an old IKEA Paris print and there’s just something about that French style that I love, you guys know I love a stripy top any day of the week! Check out the print and all of Annie’s other amazing artistic pieces below. Good luck with the competition!

Everyday Paris Art Print

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