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You’re about to see a lot of Italian tasty treats heading your way over the next two months because I have some exciting news. I’ve become a Very Important Bella for Bella Italia and it’s my job until the end of the year to let you know what the absolute most delicious things are on the menu and what’s good for which occasion! They have supplied me with an amazing Gold Card and you can guess what that means.

Bella Italia have just released 17 new dishes onto their extensive menu which is super exciting including lots of yummy seafood, pizzas, low calorie options and vegan options. This is a little intro into my work with Bella Italia over the next few months and I wanted to share some of my favourite dishes so far.

First up, the pizzas. I am a pizza connoisseur and I pride myself on this fact. I know my pizza and I know what I like and that’s a not too crispy but not too deep pan base with tonnes of cheese and some delicious toppings. I would love to let you know my top three pizzas at Bella Italia right now and they are the new Frutti di Mare, an amazing selection of seafood and cheeky little jalapenos, second on my list is the Campagna – goats cheese, pine nuts, peppers, red onion, mozzarella, Pachino tomatoes, rocket and a balsamic glaze. It is heavenly. I am also obsessed with the delicious Diavolo Forte with spicy ’nduja sausage, salami, chicken, red onion, roasted peppers and green chilli with mozzarella and cooling mascarpone. Three pizzas you absolutely need to try! Plus, Bella pizzas are perfection the day after.

Some other gorgeous treats that I’ve been loving are their olives to nibble on before the food comes and a starter that it as garlicky as you like – the Gamberi chilli and garlic prawns are awesome if you like seafood. The prawns are huge and I think it’s a great value dish and is served with crunchy ciabatta.

I tried one of the Bella Italia under 300 calorie dishes of Spiralised Veg Pasta Bolognese with carrot, golden beetroot & courgette spirals with a traditional beef ragù. Honestly, so yummy and perfect if you’re trying to be good. I also love the Bella Italia half pizzas with little side salads that are under 600 calories and are perfect lunch options. Last time we visited, Luke tried the Polpette Americano – spaghetti with beef & pork meatballs & roasted onions in a spicy garlic & tomato sauce which is also available in a vegan form which is pretty awesome.

The final thing I’m loving about Bella Italia is their love for gelato. I am an ice cream fiend and I’m obsessed with it. I can take or leave most other desserts (apart from you, crumble and custard) but gelato is up there for me – especially the cherry flavour. You can grab a cone to go with one scoop or indulge in a sundae with sprinkles, sauce and loads of other toppings. Luke loves their tiramisu which is also gorgeous and I have tried the Lemon Cheesecake which is tangy af and perfect if you like sour citrus tastes.

That’s my little Bella Italia update for now, tune back in later in the month to see how I’m getting on with tasting their entire menu. (My challenge to myself FYI, not theirs!).

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