Living room transformation – Before & After

Ta-da! Another room in the house reno/decoration is almost perfect. Finally, our living room feels like a living room. There’s still some finishing touches to do like glossing the skirting board but that can wait when this is what we’re working with now – as opposed to grubby carpet and just a sofa as the sole piece of furniture in the room. What do you think?

As you can see we’ve gone for a little bit of a boho feel in here to contrast with the dining room as that’s so bright and statement with the blue, velvet stool, pink accents and mixes of texture. This room feels really relaxing to me now, it’s a lot more zen.

We’ve also actually painted our door white and I’ll update this post with those pics once the TV corner is looking cute too. 

Remember this beast of a fireplace? We called an engineer to cap off the gas and then removed it ourselves (well, my awesome Father-In-Law ripped it out and repaired the massive hole that was behind it. Our equally awesome bud is a plasterer and sorted the chimney breast out so that was super smooth and we painted it white. The plan is for the telly to go above it so we release some more space to the right of the fireplace and we can have a unit or some shelves in there to create some more storage and places to display ornaments and all that jazz.

This was our original mood board for the room with a lot of inspiration from The House that Jen Built on Instagram, I absolutely love her style, I think she’s nailed it so I really wanted to take some of her elements into our living room. We’ve not ended up going with the pink thing in the end, it’s more of a Moroccan, terracotta and yellow thing but I’m loving it. They’re only accents to they’re easy to mix up and I definitely want to add a lot more plants and some shelves to this room too.

As I said, we’re still hoping to mount our TV above our fireplace and add a unit into the corner (that still doesn’t look so cute!) where that is at the moment. Elsewhere on the list is a radiator cover (why they so ugly?) and then eventually a new sofa but ours has been given a little new lease of life by its surroundings having a face lift and is still perfectly fit for purpose so no point changing it up just yet.

The Matalan Velour Cushions we bought are currently out of stock but I nearly bought some very similar ones from H&M Home before I spotted these which were a tiny bit cheaper and a bit of a darker orange. The Aztec style cushions are also from Matalan and were a sale bargain of £5 each. The middle cushion is an old John Lewis babe I’ve had for a few years now and it goes perfectly in the room too.

Our metal basket was a Home Sense buy and the throws are Tesco home and John Lewis (faux fur). Our big silver lamp is from Homebase a little while ago, the Prague print is from John Lewis too. The basket our plant is in is trusty old IKEA.

I really liked the Dulux Crushed Aloe paint originally and we headed to B&Q and found their own ‘Alep’ paint which was around £12 a tub. We used two to cover the room twice and we’ve got a little bit left over for touch ups which we’ll definitely need. Dark paint colours mark like nothing else! I had no idea until we painted the dining room and living both quite dark colours but you have to be super careful with them when walking past because they can scratch and get grubby very easily. The wicker lampshade is also from B&Q.

I love the Afaw Berber Style Rug from La Redoute which I picked up when they had one of their awesome 40% off flash sales so it was only just over £63 with delivery. The whole room is set off at the moment with the Camden collection bouquet which was a lovely gift from Bloom Magic flowers. They arrived perfectly packaged and they’re so stunning – such a gorgeous gift to brighten up anyone’s home. I love the yellow and the purples that are complementing the greens and plants that are already in our living room. This bouquet is an amazingly vibrant mix of purple vanda orchids and large yellow roses.

You can check out our Dining Room transformation here if you want a further nose around our house and follow our ‘house account’ on Instagram too if you want some behind the scenes and progress snaps.

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