Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection

My love for Clarins is going to be an everlasting affair! I’ve got four new products from their new summer Aquatic Treasures make-up collection to share with you today and they are just amazing. Not only because of the gorgeous packaging, (I mean will you look at that bronzer?), but also because they’re pretty darn awesome at doing what they’re supposed to do! This collection is available in May, so get saving those pennies because you’re going to want all of these.

 photo IMG_7998_zps9yqrwwxp.jpg

First up, let’s begin with that bronzer. The Limited Edition Summer Bronzing Compact is HUGE, like massive! I love that it’s so wide, you can just swish your bronzer brush around the four matte shades and you’re good to create some serious tan. I love the colours and how you can choose whether you want to go lighter or dark with your bronzer, perfect for different skin tones. It also lasts a really, really long time. I’ve noticed that it’s lasting longer than my usual Bobbi Brown bronzer, but that might be down to the Fix’ Makeup fixing spray that we’ll get onto later!

 photo IMG_8004_zpsmgetayp0.jpg

Next up is  the Golden Glow Booster for Body which isn’t technically part of their makeup collection, but it’s perfect for this time of year so I’m going to tell you about it anyway. The Golden Glow Booster is a concentrated self tan that you add a few drops into your usual moisturiser, choose the level of tan that you’re after and then maintain it with a few drops in your moisturiser following up to your first application. This takes a little bit of getting used to! I tried it on my face/neck just to get the hang of it before I went full-on body with it and I’ve got a definite hairline streak going on because I used too much and didn’t mix it in well enough – so if you’re going to get this product make sure that you mix mix mix!

 photo IMG_8006_zpsjzfy5lhz.jpg

Last up is the Fix’ Makeup spray which is a refreshing mist that smells of roses and makes your makeup stick to your face like no other! I love this stuff, so far I’ve really noticed a difference in the length of my makeup lasting, which is pretty mean feat for my skin – oily as anything! Lastly is the Instant Light Complexion Booster in 04 Apricot. This stuff, oh my. It’s beautiful! It’s part primer and part illuminator and I hardly need any foundation once I’ve got this on, it really makes your face glow. I’ve not really been a fan of before foundation illuminators before but this one has completely converted me!

Who’s beauty wish list has just grown considerably? The collection also includes some eyeliner, a waterproof mascara and some really pretty looking eyeshadows. Let me know what you think about these products in the comments!

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    What a lovely collection ! I love Clarins makeup…

    Can you send me pictures of their ingredient list please ?? It would be so nice !


  2. I saw the bronzer last year, with this particular pattern and I thought it was amazing. Clarins does such wonderful products lately…I’m in love with their fake tanners as well, not to mention the lip balms. So cool for summer!

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