From Backstreet Barber to Swish Salon: KH Hair Nottingham Review

When the email popped into my inbox, I might as well have been poised with my IKEA kitchen scissors over my fringe I was that desperate for a haircut! It was pretty awful, I don’t think I realised quite how bad it was until I saw my side by side before and after shots! That fringe though. It was over-grown and dull after years of home-colouring and being lazy about haircuts. KH Hair, previously Keith Hall, saved my little hair’s life. I didn’t go for a drastic change, after my consultation with the lovely Ruth I settled on a subtle ombre fade with a serious trim. I think I had about an inch and a half off and I seriously needed it.


I had the amazing Wella Illumina Colour treatment which involved a really light bleach on the ends with an ashy colour on top and then a gloss colour over my roots to give it some more shine as opposed to a full on dye. I absolutely love the end result. My hair hasn’t felt healthier, or looked better for I don’t even know how long. These guys (especially Ruth!) are magic-workers. If your hair is in need of a serious revamp or you just need a trim, I’d recommend KH Hair immediately.

From walking into the salon, having my first consultation and then to walking out of the salon two weeks later I felt listened to and like a serious VIP. Everyone is so helpful and skilled Рthe whole experience was awesome. Also, check out this crazy heat helmet you have to wear with bleach on Рit sings when your time is up. Crazy. Check KH Hair out on Twitter, Instagram and their website!


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