KIKO Cosmetics Review

KIKO Cosmetics is brand I’ve been aware of for so long but I’ve never taken the plunge to buy anything from their website because a) you never can be sure of colours/textures etc online and b) their minimum order amount was about £25 which I thought was a bit crazy. BUT then, last month they opened a store in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre and I knew I had to check it out. I picked up a few products that have been on my radar for a while, so here’s my two cents on KIKO as a brand! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think too.


I picked up the City Filter Primer which has SPF 50 and is meant to totally block out any city gunk and grime from getting through your make-up into your pores. This was definitely a more runny consistency than I was expecting – I was thinking that it would be more like Indeed Labs’ Nano blur but it’s a lot thinner than that. The SPF in this product is fab – perfect for the summertime. Along the skincare theme are the Cleansing Pure Clean Mini Wipes – a super cute mini pack of face wipes. I really want to try a lot more of KIKO’s skincare line as it looks fab.

Another summertime essential for me is waterproof mascara, I picked up KIKO’s Unforgettable Waterproof Mascara to take on holiday with me as my favourite Clarins one had given up the ghost recently. This was great, seriously waterproof and gave really nice volume and length. On the subject of eyes – I was also really impressed with their Ultimate Pen Longer Eyeliner – amazing black colour, really lasts and doesn’t smudge. It’s also super-fine at the tip and gets gradually thicker which is perfect for my kind of cat-eye flick. I would definitely, definitely recommend this eyeliner and it’s under £7 when it’s not on offer and it’s currently on offer for only £4.80. Snap it up!


I also grabbed their Brush Cleanser as I’m a really lazy brush washer and this makes things really easy, you just spray onto the brush and wipe off the gunk on a tissue. The last bits I picked up I wasn’t 100% impressed with, the Eyebrow Marker in Shade 2 isn’t the most pigmented and you have to hold it in a certain way for it to seem to work – I don’t think I’d buy this again. Also, I grabbed a Compact Powder but it isn’t super mattifying which is what I need for my skin.

There’s loads of products I want to try from KIKO – let me know if you’ve tried any! I’ve been really impressed with the majority of my picks.

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  1. Being Italian, I’ve been using Kiko, since their very first appearance in the beauty world and I must say, both quality and packaging have been improved over the time. If you haven’t checked them yet, give their eye shadows sticks a go, because they cost a nothing and stay put all day long. N° 28, n°25 and n°34 make a perfect base to any eye make up, from the most natural, to the darkest smokey eye look. They’re now available at less than 4 pounds each and offer great quality. Beyond these, I would recommend for sure the nail polishes (pastel colors in particular), and the lipsticks because they compare to all the other drugstore brands and sometimes even with the most expensive high-end ones. I have one of the creamy lipsticks in a nude shade and I like it very much. I cannot use their skincare, since it’s too harsh on me and I wouldn’t recommend any shimmery eye shadows or glittery product, because they tend to overpack them with big sparkles…

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