5 Ways To Save For a New Season Wardrobe

This could be 5 ways to save for anything but seeing as I’m a part fashion blogger and I’ve forever got a basket full of saved items on ASOS I thought I’d focus this post on saving for new clothes! The new season is almost here again, I was reading a magazine the other day and they were talking about faux fur – it was like 27 degrees outside – it’s crazy. But, before we know it we’ll be digging out our roll-neck sweaters and ankle boots once more as autumn appears.
Let’s get down to the saving tips!

1. The Fiver Trick
I think I read this in Women’s Health ages ago, this is a crafty way of squirrelling away cash that will build up quicker than you think. Every week, take a fiver out of whatever cash you have budgeted (yes, you need a budget) and pop it away in your knicker draw or your bedside table and forget about it. Then, in a month you’ll have £20-25 left over and I guarantee you won’t have missed that random fiver that week! If you did this every week for a year, you’d save up around £250. To put that into an outfit, naturally, you could get this lot for £224 and still have money left over for a round of drinks.


ASOS A-Line Suede Dress – £85
Kurt Geiger ‘Gabby’ Heels – £70
Kurt Geiger ‘Frances’ Twist Lock Bag – £69

2. Out With the Old!
You can make room for a lot more lovely new clothes when your wardrobe isn’t bulging at the seams! Plus, by selling your old clothes you can make some good money. Of course, there’s the classic eBay but now there’s apps like Depop. Both of these services take a cut of your sale so if you don’t want to give away any of the money you’re making then try a carboot sale or selling on Gumtree.

3. Swap Nights Out for Nights In
Obviously a great way of saving money is not to spend it! So, if you’re always eating out and socialising with your friends, have them over to yours instead of a night down the pub, you’ll be surprised how much money you save and how much fun you’ll have. A large glass of wine can cost up to £7 in a swanky city-centre bar but you can get great bottles on offer in supermarkets for the same price. That’s a saving I’m into.

4. Ditch the Gym
If your gym membership costs around £40 a month, you’ll save just under £500 a year by quitting the gym! That’s some serious funds for wardrobe investment. Now, obviously if you love the gym and want to fit into your gorgeous new clothes you’ll still want to work out. There are loads of free apps and YouTube channels that you can follow if you like dynamic workouts. Plus, take up running as your cardio or walk a few extra bus stops. Some of my favourite fitness apps are Nike Training Club and Freeletics and you can pick up yoga and pilates on YouTube with channels like Blogilates!

5. Just take a loan out!
Obviously, I’m joking, but how many times have we just said that we want to blow £X on something crazy. If you MUST take out a loan to cover your shopping habits, A) I have nothing to do with it (ha!) & B) make sure you’re sure. Just FYI, guarantor loans are much lower risk than standard loans but I’m sure no-one is that desperate for a new wardrobe!

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