Get Active with ParkLives Nottingham!

Who’s seen those big green and red Coca-Cola ParkLives banners in and around Nottingham and the activities in Victoria Centre recently? They’re seriously hard to miss! Nottingham ParkLives offers hundreds of free activity sessions in local parks, with residents and families encouraged to try their hand at everything from Zumba to Tai Chi. This is amazing for getting people moving that perhaps think that they can’t afford to go to a fancy gym, or wouldn’t use it enough to warrant a membership. It’s also a great opportunity for trying out a new activity such as Yoga or Ultimate Frisbee! Sessions are currently held between 10am and 7pm every day across 20 community parks. All sessions are around an hour long and are led by a trained ‘activity leader’. Families are encouraged to come and try something new and there is no charge for any activities, how wicked is that?

Park Lives 10

Their summer programme ends in a week or so, but there’s still time to get active before the autumn programme starts shortly afterwards! Look out for the autumn timetable on, starting from 6th September.

Luke & I headed down to Wollaton Hall on Sunday for some Yoga in the Park – why not see what new activity you could try? If you’re interested in any sessions, you can register and book for sessions by emailing park for more info!


ParkLives is part of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s commitment to invest £20m between now and 2020 in programmes to encourage and support people to be physically active. This is a sponsored post.

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