Winter Skincare Saviours

This winter has totally wrecked my skin. From air con to freezing temperatures and some horrendous cystic acne plus all the sugar spots that Christmas bring us! These are my products that have kept me (almost) sane. I’ve also recently picked up the Sanctuary Therapist Secret Facial Oil in Boots and have used it for 2 nights and have seen an improvement already.

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Anyway back to the products I also love (plus I took these photos before I snapped up the Sanctuary Facial Oil!). I’ve been really liking the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, a lovely girl in Space N.K recommended it to me and said that it transformed her skin so I bought a little trial pot and really enjoyed it. I took the plunge to the big size and I feel really luxurious using this. It smells really great and my skin is gradually clearing up. The good thing about this cleansing balm for the winter is that it isn’t stripping and doesn’t make my skin feel tight once I’ve washed my face.

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Next up is another Space N.K find, I trialled this a few months ago when I popped in to ask for some advice. I had texture issues when I was using a cleanser that was too harsh for my skin so I immediately stopped using that and starting moisturising with the Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet and it really helped. It’s a really nice day cream for anyone with sensitive skin. I’ve only realised in the past 6 months that I actually have quite sensitive skin so I’m trying to take better care of it.

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Lastly, a body product. I received Egyptian Magic in the Boots Beauty Finds Box and it’s a super moisturising oil that sets just like coconut oil does and you have to warm up between your hands before you apply it. I’ve been really liking this to keep those dry patches at bay!

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