Urban Decay Gwen Stefani: Firebird #UDxGwen

Say hello to a very beautiful new addition to my lipstick wardrobe. This is the Firebird lipstick and lip liner from Gwen Stefani’s new range at Urban Decay and it is so amazingly bright – these photographs really don’t do it justice. From the off I was super impressed with this duo, firstly I applied the UDxGwen Lip Pencil in Firebird all over the lips to lock in the colour and it was so creamy and easy to work with. I then applied the matching UDxGwen Lipstick in Firebird and this is where the magic happens. This lipstick has a slight sheen to it without looking glossy and shiny but there’s a subtle shimmer of purple and blue which really gives it an edge if you’re looking closely. Check out me wearing it over on Instagram.

I love this colour, I got loads of compliments about it from colleagues and I found that it really lasted a long time. I drink quite a lot of water throughout the day and even my glass didn’t have the tell-tale lipstick marks that are impossible to scrub off. I only reapplied after lunch time, plus by this time I’d had to brush my teeth due to my Invisalign so I topped up my lipstick.

Warning to Invisalign wearers: lipstick sticks to your aligners! When I first applied it, everything was fine but after about an hour I went to speak to someone and they kindly informed me that my teeth were pink! I cleaned it all up and it didn’t come back to be fair so just a word of warning, you CAN wear lipstick but keep an eye on the rubbing off and take off any excess!

I’m probably not the only one who’s been a little bit excited about Gwen Stefani’s collection with Urban Decay. They teased us with the eyeshadow palette first and now the rest of the range has dropped. I would massively recommend these lipsticks and I definitely want to pick up some other shades from the John Lewis beauty section.

 photo 3011cd27-f42f-47da-bafc-9e74cb05af93_zpsffzdampz.jpg

 photo IMG_8750_zpsksy5e2tm.jpg

 photo IMG_8739_zpsq3wnehkt.jpg

 photo IMG_8744_zps24gd2whp.jpg

 photo IMG_8742_zpssv5jvvpa.jpg

A big thank you to John Lewis for collaborating with me on this post.

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