Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

It’s a sad fact that many of us just aren’t exactly happy when we look in the mirror. In the scheme of things, it’s perfectly okay to not be too fond of your muffin top, or despair over bingo wings. We can do certain things to change how we look, but most of just have to accept that we’re never going to be 100% perfect. And why should we be? Find me someone who is! Still, many of us beat ourselves up because we fail to meet up to impossible ideals. The reason most women don’t look like the ones in a magazine is simple. We haven’t sat for hours being primped and preened by professional hair stylists and makeup artists. Nor have we had the benefit of an experienced photographer with optimised lighting. And surprise, we haven’t been photoshopped to an inch of our lives, either!

Do what you can….

Learning to love yourself, warts and all is a vital process in being comfortable in your own skin.

If there are things that you really can’t live with, then if you can, fix them! If your problem is your weight, then you’re not alone!  Losing weight always sounds much easier than it actually is. But if you feel you’re carrying a few extra pounds, then tackle the problem head on. Don’t make the mistake of crash dieting – you won’t keep it up. You’re more than likely to quickly regain the weight you lose as soon as you start eating normally again. Take it slowly. If you don’t like how you look, there are easy ways to change it up a bit and give yourself a boost.

Want to get fit? Enlist a buddy to exercise with you. It’s much more fun with a friend, and you’re more likely to stick to your routine. If you have someone to work with you’re less liable to make excuses. Your motivation will go through the roof, especially if you have a competitive streak!  

….Change what you can’t learn to love

You may have taken steps to tackle the areas you aren’t too happy with, but what if you just can’t change them. Crooked nose still the bane of your life despite trying your best to contour your face with expensive make-up? Have you considered surgery? Modern cosmetic procedures aren’t as expensive or invasive as they used to be. Liposuction (another way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that won’t shift from stubborn areas) used to be major surgery. Now Coolsculpting has come along, you can get much the same effects in a lunch break.

Being comfortable in your own skin is so much more than how you look. Being at ease with who you are is something that takes many people a long time. Sadly, some people never get there. Affirmations are a clever way to help boost your self-esteem. Try saying them into a mirror with a big smile. The results might surprise you. Smiling helps your brain believe you are happy, even if you aren’t in the cheeriest of moods!

Learn to love yourself. You’re your biggest ally, your own best friend. Treat yourself well.

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