Getting My Wella Energy Code at KH Hair

I love getting my hair cut, I always visit KH Hair for my colour and cuts and I love when there’s a new product for my stylist, Ruth, to try on me. When I popped in last weekend they had just launched the new Wella System Professionals Energy Code system and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I noticed that they’d changed the branding of my favourite Color Save shampoo and they told me all about the new Energy Code Speed Mapping process that can tailor your products to your hair type, scalp needs and styling preferences. This is obviously an awesome idea because who doesn’t like to have everything tailored to you personally?

We went through the system (which I also did at home online and got the same results!), I came away with some samples to try and I need the balance shampoo, the hydrate mask and the Alpha Energy treatment for my hair. This is really fun and it’s great to really know what your hair needs. Give it a go!


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