8 Ways To Always Be Ready For Fun

Maybe it’s a last-minute invitation to a weekend away by the sea. Maybe you and the girls have just finished up a hard day at the office and have decided on an impromptu night on the town. Whatever the situation, the chance of fun can arise at any minute. Let’s be honest, spontaneous days and nights out are often the most fun. Because you haven’t had time to build up your expectations, any fun is simply appreciated, not analysed. And let’s be honest, sometimes it feels kinda reckless in doing something last-minute. There is a lot of fun in that too.

So, whatever the occasion, here are seven ways always to be ready for fun, no matter what form it comes in!

Keep A Pair Of Heels Under Your Desk

So, it’s Friday afternoon, and you and your colleagues are chatting about the weekend ahead. You’ve got some plans on Sunday, but nobody is really doing anything tonight or tomorrow. “Shall we all go out?” a little voice says (this voice might have been yours!). All of a sudden, the cogs are turning and a night out is in the works. Taxis are being arranged, and tables are being booked. What is the one way to instantly dress up whatever outfit you’re wearing that day, without needing to go home and get changed? Heels! Keep a pair under your desk and you’ll be so glad you have them there. If possible, have them in a neutral colour and design, so they’ll go with anything. White heeled sandals are a good bet in the summer while some simple black stilettos are a good bet all year around and especially in the winter.

Be Beauty-Ready

You’ll be so glad you spent an extra five minutes on your makeup that morning if a last minute invitation occurs! But there are some otherwise ways to have a beauty look that is ready for anything. Firstly, your brows. Keeping them groomed is a good idea anyway! They make a huge difference to how your face looks. And if you’re headed out, you’ll be glad that they’re neat and sorted without further work. It will also help you get ready faster. Secondly, what about your smile? You’ll need to have that ready (or let’s hope so!) Consider your teeth. Getting them whitened will make a huge difference. Places like Cheshire Dental Centre can help with that. Also, be sure to keep a classic lipstick like a bright red close at hand. 

Whittle Down Your Beauty Routine

On the topic of beauty, it is always helpful to have a 10-minute makeover routine perfected! One of the things that can really slow you down is having loads of things in your makeup bag. Instead, keep a compartment with just the basics in. Decide what your priorities are. It could be that you just aim for a flawless base with a simple slick of mascara and lipstick. Or it could be that you want to focus most of your time on a smokey eye, or a strong and bold lip. Practice your go-to look a few times and you’ll find tips and tricks to speed it up along the way.

Store Taxi Numbers On Your Phone

Uber is a fantastic thing that we all now know and love. But if your phone runs out of battery before the end of the night, it can’t be accessed. Similarly, if you’re headed out on a popular day of the week and trying to get home in the early house, pesky surges occur! Don’t forget how we all used to get home in the days before Uber. 

Carry A Portable Charger

If there is one thing you should absolutely keep in your bag at all times, it is a portable phone charger. Go for one that is light and compact.

Keep An Overnight Bag Packed

If you live a bit of a distance from where the action usually takes place, you might need to spend a night at a friends’ house instead. Make doing so way more appealing by having your own stuff with you. Keep an overnight bag in the boot of your car or under your desk. Or, if you always stay with the same friend, ask to keep some stuff there too.

Have A Special Savings Account

Do you have a ‘treat’ savings account? No? Then it could be time to make one. While you might worry that it will encourage you to spend money, it could actually help put a cap on it. Say you deposit £100 or £200 into the account per month. This then becomes to amount you can spend each month on treats. So, that goes for things like meals out, shopping, taxis, and drinks. You then know, each time something occurs, how much money you have to spend. You can decide from occasion to occasion whether or not you can afford to spend. Plus, if you’re careful, you’ll have a nice amount to blow once the month ends!

Be Travel-Ready

Make it so that you can travel at any time, even at short notice. Do you need to take travel-sickness tablets when you get on a train? Then keep them with you, somewhere you’ll always have access to like your wallet or on your desk. Or, if you need to take a daily tablet, keep some spares in the same place. This means you can go out without necessarily needing to get home again at the end of the night. Similarly, if you have a railcard that allows you cheaper travel, keep that on you with your main bank cards. Keeping it separate, in its own holder, makes it more likely to leave it behind.

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