Top 3 Breakfast Protein Shakes

On days where you don’t have much time it’s great to be able to get all your breakfast nutrients in one tasty hit using shakes and smoothies. Here are the best protein shakes for breakfast that I think are really tasty and also hit all those protein, carb and fat macros spot on. My preference is towards whey protein shakes but if you don’t like to eat dairy products or are vegan or lactose intolerant then there are a huge range of dairy-free protein powders out there on the market!

1. Banana, Date & Peanut Butter

For a super hit of calories, carbs, protein and fats this is an awesome shake. It’s great if I know that I’ll be on the go until lunch time and I won’t have time for a mid-morning snack. Plus you can add some instant oats for extra carbs if you need to hit that! Add a small banana, a couple of dates for sweetness and a tablespoon of peanut butter to a banana or vanilla protein powder. Almond milk goes really well in this shake but I’ll use skimmed cows milk if I don’t have any nut milk in the house. This is also a lovely after dinner shake if you need to hit your left over macros.

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2. Chocolate Dreams

Obviously this is the perfect use for chocolate protein powder! Add in some organic cacao powder for an extra hit of chocolate and blitz up with half a banana for a nice texture. I love soy or cashew milk in a chocolate shake, I just really like the flavours together.

3. Berry Mango Blitz
I’ve got to admit, this is my favourite! I love berry and mango flavours and always gravitate towards them when it comes to cocktails, ice creams and juices. So, why not have all of the berry goodness and flavours in a tasty morning shake? For this shake, I’ll usually use a scoop of unflavoured protein powder and then chuck in a handful of blueberries and raspberries, around 100g of chopped mango with some Baobob powder for extra vitamins. You can use water for a thinner shake or skimmed milk as to not overpower the berry flavours with nut or soy milk.

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I’ll include protein powder in all of my shakes and will sometimes sub out oats or bananas if I know I’ll be getting a lot of carbs later on in the day. The great thing with shakes is that you can personalise them right down to your individual needs and tastes. Let me know what your favourite breakfast shake recipes are. Happy shaking!

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