Monday Night Is Burger Night

If you know me, you know I love food and I’m a little obsessed with a good burger. We checked out Handmade Burger Co for the second time recently as they invited us for a little review at our local, the Intu Victoria Centre.


Eating is all about balance and I’m into a super food salad as much as the next person but sometimes you really need a great big burger with bacon, cheese and all the avocado. That’s exactly what I tried when we hit up Handmade Burger Co recently. I actually added the brie to the menu-written avocado and bacon burger that already comes with amazing red pepper relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. I just feel that a burger isn’t complete without cheese, am I right?


This is officially the first burger I’ve had to eat purely with a knife and fork because it was so packed it just fell apart when I tried to picked it up. On one hand this was amazing because it was so tasty and everything mixed so well together but on the other hand I really missed holding the actual burger. Maybe it was a bit too packed but it was really, really good. The bacon was probably the best burger bacon I’ve had and there was such a generous amount too. I’d definitely recommend adding cheese to the avocado and bacon burger!


Luke got stuck into the Pit Range BBQ Slow n Low Pulled Pork burger. A 7oz beef patty topped with 6 hour marinated pulled pork, BBQ pit sauce, mayo, iceberg lettuce and red onion. He said the flavour was really nice but it could have done with a bit more sauce. So, our burgers were probably on opposite ends of the spectrum, mine a little bit too wet (too much relish + tomato = soggy bun) and Luke’s was a little bit too dry. I don’t mean the burger was dry, just the fact that extra sauce would have gone a long way!


We also went for the Rosemary Salt Chips and some onion rings. I didn’t know onion rings could taste so buttery, they were seriously good. Last time we went to HBC we had the Peri Peri chips which are seriously spicy but so tasty. The portion sizes are huge at Handmade Burger Co, I definitely recommend having one portion of fries between two unless you’re seriously hungry!

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One thing I really like about Handmade Burger Co is the fact they serve craft beers, I’m really into Brooklyn Lager at the moment and I love that it’s becoming more popular in restaurants and bars in Notts. The interior and decor of Handmade Burger Co is also really cool, it’s hit the industrial nail on the head without being over the top or not quite there.


I would definitely say that HBC is on my list of go-to places now, it’s up there with Nando’s, Wagamamas and Annie’s Burger Shack (if you know Nottingham, you’ll know Annies!) The service is great, you know the food’s going to be awesome and you can get a sweet beer. Nailed it, Handmade Burger Co!

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