Protein Rice Krispy Bars

One thing I love about cooking, if you could call these treats cooking, is the fact that you can make something you love a bit more enjoyable by removing the guilt! These Protein Rice Krispy Bites are also completely clean and don’t have any refined sugar or gluten in them. They’re also under 100 calories for a seriously substantial square.

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Holland and Barrett challenged me to use their amazing Manuka Doctor Active Honey +15 in a couple of recipes this spring. Manuka honey is 100% honey with no added nasties and it hasn’t had all of the goodness taken out of it like regular honey, definitely worth picking up this version if you’re interested in extra health benefits. I’ve created a savoury dish too (coming soon!) but I always like a sweet treat after my dinner or around 11am so I thought I’d also use the honey to create one of those.

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These Protein Rice Krispy Bites taste amazing to say that they don’t have any sugar in them and really hit the spot when you’re craving a cheat. They could definitely have more protein in them if you fancy adding more protein powder to them and using slightly less puffed rice. You could also use more honey or coconut oil as the outside bars of mine were quite crumbly – maybe they needed a bit more sticky-together-stuff!

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Also from Holland and Barrett I used the Neal’s Yard Wholefood Puffed RiceMeridian Natural Peanut Butter and Coconut Merchant Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. I used Monkey Nutrition French Vanilla protein here but you can use whatever flavour or make of protein you like. Holland and Barrett have a great selection.


  • 170g Puffed Rice Cereal
  • 100g Manuka Honey
  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 60g Nut Butter
  • 40g Protein Powder
  • Dark Chocolate

Krispies 2

This is possibly the most simple recipe ever, you can’t even call it cooking! Measure out your protein powder and your puffed rice and combine them together. Place the rest of your ingredients in a small pan over a medium heat and melt down so it goes all runny. (Leave your dark chocolate until later, though!)

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Then, once it’s runny and not too hot to handle, pour into your cereal and combine it all together like you would a usual Rice Krispy mix. Squish into a baking tray or flat serving dish, melt the dark chocolate and drizzle over the top for decoration. Refrigerate for at least half an hour before cutting up into squares. These keep in the fridge for about 4 days.

97 Calories
3.1g Fat
13.8g Carbs
3.2g Protein


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