Clean Eating But Not As We Know It

I’m definitely all about the 80/20 rule when it comes to my diet where I’ll eat pretty great in the week and have a couple of treats on the weekend. This is how we should all be, it’s healthy, easy to do and lets you be in great shape without feeling guilty about having the odd cheat meal.

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Fast food gets a seriously bad rep in this era of superfood salads and pomegranate seeds gracing every plate but if we’re all honest, opening that cardboard box or carton and smelling the captivating smell of comfort food that you’ve not had to slave away cooking yourself is awesome. Really, really awesome.

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Fast food chains also get a really bad name for being dirty places and all the awful newspapers like to print horror stories about what random nightmares you’ll find in your burger. I think this is complete and utter rubbish and I was proved completely right in my thinking when I hooked up with McDonalds to build my very own Big Mac and find out about all their amazing new developments.

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I headed down to the new-ish branch in Clifton where I, along with a couple of other bloggers, was shown around everywhere with my very own hat and apron. We were literally shown everything and everywhere in the store. From the chillers to the freezers and the absolutely spotless bin and recycling area right through to the kitchen. Did you know McDonald’s recycle their cooking oil and use it to fuel their lorries? I didn’t and I thought this was pretty great!

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We learned all about how precise and efficient everything is at McDonald’s and it definitely gave us an appreciation for how speedy they really are. I whipped up my very own Big Mac, straight from toasting the bun, through to using the epic Big Mac Sauce gun and squirting out exactly 10ml of their famous sauce and then finishing off by adding the onions, cheese, lettuce, and patties. You flip over your lid and you’re done!

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McDonald’s are implementing so many cool things at the moment. I’m sure you’ve seen their self-serve kiosks? These are so great for when you want to actually have a little browse of the menu and see what’s new! You can also customise your meal by taking off the bits you don’t like such as salt on your chips or lettuce on your Big Mac. It’s seriously clever and soon you’ll be able to actually add items to your favourite burger, hello cheese on a Chicken Legend, I’m coming for you!

Table service is another new thing that’s brand new to McDonalds, perfect if you fancy a more relaxed dining experience! They also have tablets in most stores hooked up to WiFi and are implementing a tonne of recycling bins into all their stores. Fast food is a serious business and McDonald’s know exactly how to tackle it. Plus, they make a mean burger.

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  1. Everyone likes a cheeky weekend Mcdonalds every now and then! 80/20 is a great reminder that everything should be enjoyed in moderation! Weekends are the perfect time to enjoy yourself!

    Breanne 🙂

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