Where To Eat In Bath: Grillstock

I’ve heard Grillstock is where the whole BBQ trend in the UK and, as much of a BBQ food fan that I am, I hadn’t visited one until last month.

I was craving a chicken burger and opted for the Bluegrass Chicken Burger which is a simple Southern Fried chicken burger (which is huge by the way!) it’s paired with lettuce, tomato, and juke sauce which is so tasty. This is possibly the nicest chicken burger I’ve had in a long time, the chicken was tender and I loved the seasoning. Plus, it was such good value for money at only £8.50 including a heap of house fries.

Luke chose the Burnside burger and said it was great, an awesome size and again really good value for money. Loads of bacon, juke sauce and cheese made this burger incredible. We shared some Mac & Cheese too which was nice but I think it could have had a crusty or crispy top to really make it amazing!

The Memphis Mule cocktail drew me in straight away as I love ginger beer, Southern Comfort and lime, it was the perfect balance and too easy to drink if you know what I mean! So yummy and refreshing.

I’d massively recommend heading to a Grillstock near you if you love BBQ food, music and a really cool atmosphere and, if you’re in Bristol this summer head to their festival for a whole weekend of beer and amazing food!

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