5 Reasons To Always Wear SPF

If a pineapple Krazy Straw cup doesn’t scream summer then I don’t know what does! How cute is this? It arrived on my doorstep in a really cute package from¬†Bon Prix¬†alongside a cute kaftan, a festival-ready floral headband, an awesome branded tote bag and some essential SPF products.

These dinky little SPF is what I want to base this post all about because sunscreen is so, so, so important!

1. It shields your skin and body from harmful UV rays.

2. SPF definitely decreases your chances of developing skin cancer. Even in the UK, we need to wear SPF when it’s sunny. We should actually wear it every day but I don’t think we’ll ever convince everyone to do this. Luckily for us girls we can get a lot of primers and foundations with added SPF. We need to encourage these boys to grab moisturisers with SPFs in too!

3. SPF really helps in the prevention of dark spots and skin discolouration, don’t let it happen and then try to fix it later, stop it before it happens!

4. Using SPF helps to reduce the appearance of red veins and blotchiness on the face too.

5. SPF slows down wrinkles because your skin isn’t being so dehydrated, amazing, right?


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