The Importance of Time Out

It’s easy to get the ‘busy’ bug. It’s probably easier to drown in busy-ness than it is to effectively manage our time and properly achieve a work-life-gym-friends-blogging-actually having fun-balance. Well, it seems to be. Because we’re too busy to take a step back and effectively organise our life in order to improve it. This sucks but it seems to be the modern way. I’ve definitely been guilty of this myself.


Recently I’ve been loving Girl Boss Radio, the podcast created by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. I mentioned it in my 3 Podcasts You Need In Your Life post earlier in the week. She speaks to so many amazing businesswomen and asks them what their Girl Boss Moment is and 9/10 times, the moment where they feel most in control of their life is when they’ve taken time out for themselves, their family or something they love.


It can be so easy to forget about yourself and the things that you can do to improve your life but we all need to take time out to sort ourselves out, tidy things up and clear our heads. I’ve also just finished reading The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and it really makes you think about what, ‘scuse my French, crap, we all keep. So, we had a huge clear out and it has made me feel better about my surroundings so, if you’re feeling a bit stressed I massively recommend having a sort out.

Taking time out to just chill, get off your phone and have a coffee by yourself or with your best friend is also really important for your wellbeing and your, basically, sanity. We can get so bogged down in the pressures of having an amazing career and a rewarding hobby as well as everything else. But, sometimes, it’s OK to just not do anything because most of the time, you do everything! Give yourself a break, you deserve it.


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  1. This post rings so true, I’m always longing for time to just reorganise my life and refocus – it’s so important for my mental wellbeing. Off topic – your photos are gorgeous. What camera do you use? I also adore your hair! Is this the grey that was meant to be lilac? I absolutely love it and it’s the colour I’ve been wanting for ages! I wish I could find a hairdresser who would do this for me but I’ve been unsuccessful so far.

    N xo

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