6 Of The Best Summer Face Masks

Summer changes your skin, that’s for sure. I’ve recently just got over a two-year crazy bad bout of cystic acne on my forehead (with the help of antibiotics) and it’s finally changed how I feel about skincare. I feel like I can really enjoy skincare again because I’m not just focusing on the blemishes, I can really see other skincare products working. I’ve been loving face masks again and it’s got me really excited so I thought I’d share some that are on my wishlist and some that I already love using.

1. The Hydrators

I really, really want to try sheet masks. You look insane but they’re meant to be super hydrating. This Oh K! Coconut Water Sheet Mask comes in a pack of three and you can pick them up from ASOS. It cleanses and hydrates with funky coconut water and it’s on my wish list. Plus, it’s got a panda on it and it’s cute! Along the same hydration lines is this amazing Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask. This is ‘a quick fix for dull, tired, ‘I’m sick of my skin’ feeling’ and feels absolutely amazing on the skin. It feels like it’s trying to run off your face, it’s amazing! It’s really energizing and leaves you with that coveted glow.

 photo masks _zpse1hdv6qz.jpg

2. The Purifiers

My favourite clay mask is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. It really draws out impurities whilst brightening as detoxifying. It smells awesome and really tightens up pores. I’d repurchase this again and again! Another purifying mask that I really want to get my hands on is from Blissworld. I’ve had a couple of facials from Bliss at Centre Parcs in the past and they were fab. The Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask is ‘a dead-cell dissolving, deep-pore-cleansing face mask in a dual-chamber bottle’. Sounds great, right? This regulates oil production without drying your skin as well as exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

3. The Brighteners

Face masks don’t all have to be either wash off or peel off, this Alpha H Instant Facial is a leave-on treatment that rejuvenates and regenerates your skin with glycolic acid. Replace your usual toner with this a few days a week and your skin will be plumper and more refined! My final mask is the Glam Glow Youth Mud. This tingles like crazy but leaves your skin instantly brighter and tighter in just 10 minutes.



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