How To Become A Visual Merchandiser

When I was younger I loved Visual Merchandising and I still love shop displays, I did a bit of work experience in them but never really pursued it because by the time I’d finished university and was applying for jobs I’d found blogging and the world of social media marketing was really taking off and that’s where I’ve ended up! But, I’ve got a super helpful post today all about becoming a VM and what it takes to get there, I hope you enjoy it. 

Do you see yourself working as a visual merchandiser? What exactly is being a VM and what are the responsibilities of the job? Visual Merchandising plays a very important role in the retail industry where you will be required to utilize your design skills to help attract customers to the products and services of the business by promoting the image through a creative window or in-store displays. This is super important in adding value to a brand where there is so much competition in the marketplace. Through this, retailers can gain an essential competitive lead over others.  It is such an interesting job and if you think this is the kind of career you like, you can study to become one!

While there is usually no specific requirement to land a career as a visual merchandiser, a lot of employers prefer candidates with qualifications that are relevant to the field. Finishing high school can be enough as a start if the employer is willing to provide on-the-job-training or prepare you through apprenticeships. There is no age requirement but if you have previous experience in retail or design, you will have an advantage over others.

Other employers prefer candidates with a postsecondary education for advancement in this line of career. If you have a qualification in an art and design-related subject, employers will even prefer to consider your application. This can be a general certificate in displays, certificate course in visual merchandising, advanced diploma in exhibition design or retail display design and other related certified training.

There are schools that actually provide visual merchandising courses where you will be carefully trained for this line of work. Istituto Marangoni, for example, gives every interested applicant the opportunity to learn the techniques of visual merchandising where you will be trained to become an asset in the promotion and success of a store’s brand. You will be developed and trained to analyze window displays and to know how each product should be showcased. In addition, you will learn about the concepts of positive customer experience which are considered super important in creating a unique buying experience for every client!

So, all in all it’s so creative and you won’t be stuck behind a desk all day. You’ll be on the go and constantly surrounded by inspiration which I think is awesome. I went to Nottingham Trent Uni and my course was Fashion Marketing & Branding and this would have definitely set me up to go into VM if I hadn’t have found social so I would massively recommend that course and Trent Uni too if you live in the Midlands and want to stay close to home for uni.

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