3 Rustic Weekend Home Decor Projects

The rustic trend has been around for a while now and still continues to be as popular as ever. This is primarily due to its strong emphasis on recycling materials. Many homeowners like the idea that they are helping the environment by repurposing and recycling. Plus the unique qualities of old metal and wood add interest into their rooms, while often costing very little. So if you’re interested in creating a rustic vibe in your own home, don’t be tempted to buy everything from a store. Here are some fabulous home decor projects that can help you create a rustic theme almost instantly.

1. A Coffee Table

If you haven’t done a lot of DIY before, making a coffee table might sound like a daunting and one you can’t complete in a weekend. But creating a rustic coffee table takes less time and skill than you probably realise. All you need is a few slats of wood, some wood glue, nails and a hammer. Decide how large you would like your coffee table to be and order some wood from a supplier such as George Hill Timber merchants. For a real rustic feel, choose colours that don’t match. Then all you have to do is put the pieces together using the glue and nails. Try not to be too precise as this will enhance the theme even further. Once the glue is dry, attach legs using the remains of your wood or by repurposing ones from another coffee table. This will leave you with a stunning table that creates a beautiful focal point in your living room.

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2. A Rope Frame

Another rustic decor project you can make is a rope frame. Take a frame that you no longer like and remove its contents including the glass. You can then choose which size and style of rope you want to use. Twine is a popular choice as it’s easier to handle and inexpensive to buy from suppliers like James Lever. Use a  hot glue gun to cover the frame with an adhesive. You can then start wrapping or laying the rope over the original frame. This is a quick project that provides an amazing impact to your favourite photos and prints.

3. Twig Vase

Twig vases are another fantastic project to try this weekend as your main material is free. Gather an array of varying sized twigs from your garden or a local park. Then use a hot glue gun to attach the twigs onto a glass or plastic vase. You can choose the positioning, but straight placements often work best. Whether you’ve got a small or large vase, the twigs will help make them feel instantly rustic. It may take some time, but the outcome will make your efforts worthwhile. You can also use this method on candle holders and frames.

These mini projects will help you create some standout pieces that will look fabulous in your home. They also encourage you to learn new DIY skills which you can put to good use in future too. So get your materials ordered today and spend this weekend creating some fantastic pieces of rustic decor.

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