5 Simple Steps To Turn Your Home Into A Hotel!

Are you expecting guests over at the weekend? If so, you might be thinking how to transform your spare bedroom so that they can feel comfortable throughout their stay with you. It’s easy to turn your guest room into a fantastic home-from-home for your friends, especially if you start to think like a hotel owner. You’ll be able to think of thoughtful finishing touches that can really wow your friends. Here are five ways you can turn your home into hotel-style accommodation for your friends.

1. Provide Towels

This point is especially important if your friends are staying for two or more nights. They will want a shower or bath at some point, and might not have had any room in their bags to pack some towels. If you lay out a hand and bath towel for each guest, they will certainly appreciate it. And it also prevents them feeling uncomfortable asking for one. If you want to really push the boat out, offer them some luxury towelling bathrobes from Richard Haworth as well.

2. Fresh Flowers

Once you’ve finished cleaning the spare room, leave a vase of fresh flowers on top of a chest of drawers or night table. We often decorate our spare bedrooms in neutral shades, but these flowers can add a bright shot of colour to the room. And certain types of flowers can freshen up a room with their gorgeous fragrance. If it is the middle of winter, you could leave a couple of bowls of potpourri in the room.

3. Leave Some Essentials

When you stay at a hotel, you usually find toiletries, hair dryers, and tea and coffee making facilities in your room. So why not leave some essentials in your spare room too? If there is a spare cupboard, place electrical appliances such as a phone charger, hair dryer and maybe straighteners. Pop a bowl of small toiletries on your guests’ dressing table. As your guests will have use of your kitchen, it isn’t necessary to give them a kettle for drinks. Just a couple of water glasses will do.

4. Guide Books

If your friends haven’t visited you before, it may be their first time in this particular area. You might like to leave them some guide books and pamphlets with ideas of things to do. This is a particularly useful if you have to work while they are visiting, and they will have a day or two to themselves. Let them know your local restaurant recommendations as well.

5. Choice Of Pillows

Some hotels offer their guests a choice of pillows. There might be two on the bed, but there is usually also a different pair in the wardrobe. Give this option to your guests as well. We all have different preferences when it comes to pillows, and your friends might appreciate being given the choice! If your friends stay during autumn or spring, offer them a choice between a winter and summer duvet as well.

Now you’ll be known as the hostess with the mostess!

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