Finding A Workout That Works For You

A lot of people say that they don’t have time for working out or they ‘hate the gym’ or even that they’re just not good at exercise. The same people usually say how they’d love to have the motivation to do it or they’d love to find something they’re good at. It’s simply not true that you can’t be good at exercise and you can’t find something that you enjoy that will keep you fit and healthy. It’s 2016, there are so, so many ways of working out it’s incredible. You just need to find the workout that works for you!

1. The Holistic Approach

Are you concerned about your overall well-being, flexibility, stress levels and just generally want to feel a bit healthier without having to feel (too) out of breath and sweaty? A yoga or pilates class could be a great option to really enhance your overall well-being, you can feel more relaxed and it can really increase strength and balance. Check out my post 5 Reasons To Try Yoga if you want some more lowdown on that.

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2. The Homebird

Don’t fancy venturing into an intimidating gym where you don’t know what you’re doing in terms of equipment and the thought of a Body Pump class makes you feel anxious? Don’t worry, you can get a great workout in at home, without even leaving your living room! Home workouts aren’t really my thing because they just don’t motivate me but there are a tonne of great plans out there from paid ones such as Results With Lucy, you can check out what I thought about it here, to free apps such as Freeletics and Nike Training Club. The only pieces of equipment you really need are some small dumbells and a yoga mat.


Remember, working out at home doesn’t mean that you can skip the gym gear. Invest in some great quality kit to support you and make you feel great and it’ll make a world of difference. I love the range from Gibson Girl for really making me feel good. I’m wearing their Sensation Tights in black/grey and their Genius Vest in this post. I love the design on the vest as it really gives you a shape and the tights are a great level of high-waisted that keeps you tucked in and comfortable.


3. The Instant Gratification

Do you need to feel like you’ve done something to boost your fitness and quick? Hight intensity interval training and simply heading outside for a run could be the best workouts for you. If you have a short attention span, HIIT is going to be a surefire winner for you. You get seriously sweaty, out of breath and it’s all over in between 10-20 minutes.

Invest in some good trainers if you’re going to pound the pavements and be jumping about, you need some support for your heels to ensure you’re comfortable. I’ve recently discovered the Adidas Tubular Viral Trainers for running in and I love how they look and feel.


4. The High Tempo

If you find that gym workouts leave you feeling a little lacklustre and HIIT just isn’t enough for you then give Crossfit a try. It’s essentially lifting fairly heavy stuff (including yourself) pretty fast. That’s how I describe it to people anyway! It’s personal training in a group environment. You get interaction, a super tough workout and a score at the end of the day for a sense of achievement. Crossfit is also amazing for the community aspect. If you love hitting a gym class but still don’t know why the person you’ve seen for the past 7 weeks hasn’t said hello to you yet, Crossfit will cure that itch!

I’m a member at Crossfit Nottingham currently and it’s my favourite way to workout. I was no longer motivated to really head to the gym on my own, I was over following plans and being a lone ranger, Crossfit has really excited me about fitness again so I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’ve hit a bit of a workout slump.


5. The Programmer 

If you need someone or something to guide you through your workouts and you find that this is when you’re most motivated then you are a Programmer. Unlike Crossfit, you’ll like to take your time a little more and work either on your own or with a PT. Whether you do a legs/arms/abs split or an upper body day vs a lower body day or even if you like one on one PT work, being a programmer will work for you. You’ll feel that you know that you’re making progress, you’re ticking things off day by day and you’re getting somewhere.

For lugging all my stuff to the gym recently I’ve been loving using my Grey Jimbag Barrel Bag, it’s the perfect size for everything I need to take with me, skipping rope, hoodie, wrist wraps, trainers, towel, the lot. It all fits in there and isn’t your average ugly P.E kit bag. Thanks to Jimbag for my barrel bag, I’d definitely recommend it.



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