The 3 Best Ways To Sight-See In Ontario

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, but it’s such a huge place and whenever I sit down to (virtually) explore another area looking for the perfect destination, I change my mind once more. Where I want to go, the things I want to see, the tours I want to experience.

I think I’ll have to take a few trips over there before I’ve satisfied my Canadian wanderlust, but for me, I’ve decided on Ontario as the first destination for my Canadian adventure. It has so much to offer though, that I thought I’d give you guys a few tips on how to plan your sight-seeing. It’s certainly helped me to decide where to start!

1. Plan Your Route

When you come to decide on the places you’re going to visit, you need to plan a route. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting precious time and energy arguing about why you’re lost when you could be enjoying yourself. I’m going to be travelling across the south of Ontario, because that’s where all the action is, so I’ve decided which cities and landmarks are the most important to me.

I’d like to start out in the stunning Niagara Falls region, going on as many excursions and tours as possible in the time that I’m there, before heading across to Toronto, where I can sit in a cocktail bar and relax as I watch the sun set over that stunning skyline. Then, for a taste of nature, I’m heading towards the Kawartha Lakes where I’ll do some camping and hiking, before getting back that cosmopolitan feel by heading over to Montreal. That’s an exhausting list, but I’m determined to pack as much into my trip as possible.

2. Book With Reliable Tour Companies

Aside from making sure my route is planned, I’m also making sure that I book in advance for all the tours that I want to be a part of. I would hate to get all the way to Niagara Falls, only to find out that the event I wanted to go to or the wine tour I had in mind was fully booked.

I’m booking with the Magnificent Niagara Falls Tours company, as they’re number one in the area and they have a huge amount of advice for people visiting. You never know, they may be able to suggest some extra tours that would suit me!

3. Pack Your Walking Boots

After all the research I’ve done on this area, the one thing I can definitely tell you is not to forget your very best hiking shoes. Don’t forget that the best way to see Canada is off-road and on foot! There are so many self-guided walking routes and hiking trails that you’d be depriving yourself of some truly stunning scenery if you didn’t make the most of it.

I might even take them to Toronto with me and walk on the wild side by taking the CN Tower EdgeWalk! Click here if you want to find out more about it. Are you planning a trip to Canada soon? I’d love to go.

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