Neutrogena Hydro Boost: The Review

Say hello to the new range from Neutrogena to hit the UK high street! It’s the No. 1 skincare product in the US from a 2015 Nielsen study and now we can get our hands on it. I’ve been trialling their new Hydro Boost range which is super lightweight yet delivers intense hydration and is absolutely perfect for summer. They say it leads to “skin so supple it bounces back!”. Having hydrated skin means you look healthier and younger because hydration maintains elasticity and flexibility in the skin.

“The Hydro Boost range redefines moisturisation by working with your skin’s natural moisture transport system to actively replenish, restore and deliver hydration when skin needs it most.”

Hydro Boost Cleansers contain a patented cleansing technology combined with hyaluronic acid to cleanse effectively while protecting the skin’s barrier to help lock in hydration which is all kinds of fine with me. I love hyaluronic acid and my skin reacts really well to it, it leaves it plumper and feeling more hydrated. I’ve added the five products from the new Hydro Boost range to my skincare routine for the past few weeks and I’ve really been liking them.

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First up, the Cleansing Facial Wipes are really moist and take off makeup really well. I sometimes find that makeup wipes can be a little dry and therefore don’t really do anything but these are fab. I either use a Micellar Water or a face wipe to take off the majority of my makeup before I go in for a second cleanse with a cleanser. The micellar water is also great, it takes of mascara like a dream and seems to grab dirt and grub from your face better than a load of others that I’ve tried.

I’ve then been using the Water Gel Cleanser with my Foreo Luna gadget. This smells amazing and foams up really nicely and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight like some cleansers too. This cleanser is an innovative lightweight gel and I’ve really enjoyed adding it to my night time routine, it’s nicer to have a lighter cleanser for the summer, sometimes heavy balms can be a bit much when temperatures have risen like recently.

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Finally, there are two moisturisers in the range. The Water Gel Moisturiser is super light and locks in hydration first of all. I find that I need two layers of this product to really get the moisture into my skin for it to feel comfortable.  The second and slightly heavier product is the Gel Cream Moisturiser and instantly sinks into the skin. They’re both oil free which is great for anyone who has an oily or combination skin type. I’m quite combination so I like quite a matte moisturiser for the summer time and I’ve found the Water Gel to be a great one for the morning before makeup and the Gel Cream to be a lovely evening moisturiser. There we have it, a fresh new range from Neutrogena, let me know if you think this sounds like something you’d like to try. It’s super affordable and available exclusively to Boots.

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