Where To Eat In Nottingham: The Pudding Pantry

Need cake, epic hot chocolate, freak shakes, pancakes with bacon and coffee in your life? You need The Pudding Pantry in Nottingham. Located super close to Victoria Centre is this teeny tiny cafe that’s packed with character and insane cake. This has been one of my favourite places to head on a weekend for ages and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t actually featured them on my blog before.

They kindly let us shoot some photos on a very busy and chilly Sunday so we had to have a cheeky slice of cake and a cup of tea to warm up after Anna & I had been shooting some of my blog photos locally.

allie-68 allie-66

Say hello to this lemon loaf with raspberry frosting! I also had a lemon and orange cake that was gluten-free (by random choice, not because I’m coeliac in the slightest) but didn’t taste any different to a normal amazing cake. The Pudding Pantry always has a vegan or a gluten-free cake option on their menu which is obviously great if you follow a diet with those requirements.


The Pudding Pantry’s coffee is always great too, I love their Cortados. I opted for classic tea this time and I love that it’s loose-leaf and not just a standard Tetley tea bag, it’s just a lovely touch. Anna had the amazing-looking hot chocolate that’s covered in cream and home-made marshmallows, insane!

allie-64 allie-63

Nottingham is fab for independent cafes and coffee shops and The Pudding Pantry is always super busy whenever I’ve visited there and it’s always been great. I’ve never had to complain once and I am a complainer when it comes to eating and drinking out. If it’s not perfect, I’ll tell you about it and I’ve never had to have a word in this place so that’s saying something!

allie-62 allie-57

The service is always awesome and I know the guys that own it actually work on the cafe floor all the time which is obviously because they love it and they really care. Staff are always smiling and everyone’s always been so polite and lovely so I’d happily take my mum here and I know she’d love it! The atmosphere is really friendly and bright because of the huge floor to ceiling windows. This, paired with awesome cake and coffee equals a great recommendation from me. Why go to Costa when you can have a homemade slice of cheesecake brownie and tea out of an actual teapot? It’s a no brainer to me but I’m probably just biased because I love these guys!


All photos by the awesome Anna from Pear & Bear Photography

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