Petit Paris Review Nottingham

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted a family meal with some of my nearest and dearest in a nice setting. I wanted a chilled atmosphere that wasn’t too loud, somewhere we could chat, have some nice wine and also amazing food. I’d seen Petit Paris a lot, simply walked past it and noticed it’s cute Paris-styled sign but never eaten there. But, now I have, I 100% would again!

The Food

So delicious. The main thing that I’d say about Petit Paris is that the food is amazing and the menu had so many choices. For my starter, I had these tasty stilton and leek croquettes on a bed of caramelized red onion. They were amazing. The boys had a black pudding and potato cake with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce and it looked incredible. For the main course, the boys went the same with a beautiful belly pork dish and I opted for a salmon fillet with new potatoes, savoy cabbage, bacon lardons and a lemon butter and it was so nice to have something a little more refined. You’ll know what I’m like with burgers, usually, the food that we eat out is dirty, greasy and downright cheesy and this was obviously completely different and I loved it. All of the food was incredible quality, cooked beautifully and served in good time.

The Service

A little haphazard but in a charming way, that’s how I’d describe it! The staff actually are all French I think which is lovely and the majority were very knowledgeable about the food. Apart from one girl whom we asked how something was cooked and she just shrugged and didn’t both to find out which was quite funny but if it was a dietary requirement, then it would have been quite annoying. Luckily, we were just wondering so it wasn’t the end of the world!

The Value For Money

Amazing! Starters and desserts were around £6-7 and mains came in at £12-16 and we had a carafe of wine for £10. The price for the quality of the food was incredible. Really, really impressed and would 100% head back for

The Location

Well, popped right down a side street by the Cornerhouse in the city centre, Petit Paris is in a really great place for a Friday night dinner followed by some drinks at Copper or Curious Manor.

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