The Trouble With Teeth

Teeth. They give us endless problems. I know this all too well as I’m right at the end of my Invisalign treatments which I’ll be writing about super soon! From pain to paranoia, they can be a real source of stress. A recent BUPA study revealed that bad teeth stop one in four people smiling in photos and I’m definitely part of this statistic. Do we care for the wrong reasons? Of course, you should care about your teeth, I do so much more since having my braces, I probably care a lot more now than I ever did. Proper dental hygiene is essential for keeping them healthy. 

Healthy teeth get stained. Healthy teeth can be wonky. A dentist will be able to tell you if you need of work, for example, my teeth weren’t bad enough when I was younger for the dentist to tell me I needed braces but my orthodontist told me that there wasn’t actually enough room in my mouth for the size of my teeth.

So, why are we so hung up on our dental appearance? Our smiles play a large part in how people perceive us. So, we want to ensure they’re as good as can be. In truth, the way our teeth look has little impact on our smile. What makes a smile is the person behind it. We all know the saying ‘smiling with the eyes’ old Tyra Banks thing. If you’re insecure about your teeth, you’ll ruin your smile in other ways. You’ll smile reluctantly, which will show. You’ll try to keep your mouth closed, too. The only way around the problem is to accept your teeth the way they are. Spend some time in the mirror and practice smiling with an open mouth. Compare it to your close-lipped attempts and see what a difference there is. Do this often to embrace your smile the way it is!

Smiling aside, the media also plays a big part in our dental worries. We’re bombarded by images of celebs with big, pearly whites. I’m the worst for this. I’ve always wanted Cheryl Cole’s teeth (post Girls Aloud). Compared, our misshapen and stained ones don’t look so great. Remember that celebs get work done, and their teeth are no exception. They have a team of professionals around them ensuring they look their best at all times. They get their teeth cleaned often, and even go to extremes like bleaching! Natural teeth become stained. That’s not a sign of bad hygiene, or diet, or anything. It’s just a sign of life! If you’re worried, avoid coffee and wine but life’s too short, frankly. Think, too, about what you eat. Colored foods are more likely to leave their mark. I’m definitely interested in tooth whitening but I won’t eat baked beans for a month to afford it. 

The easiest way to rid yourself of that skewed view of teeth is to look at the teeth of people you love. When you pay attention, you’ll see their teeth are stained and wonky in ways you never noticed before. Why? Because when you love someone, their teeth don’t come into it! Realize that no one pays such close attention to your teeth as you do!

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