The Weekend Round Up: Unexpected Brunch

Can you believe it’s April already? I can’t even believe it’s Sunday already. Where does the time go? Weekends seem to fly by in a flash, especially when they’re jam packed and busy. I love a busy Saturday and a chilled out Sunday. This seems to be our go-to formula for a perfect weekend.

Friday nights are for food shopping and being lazy. Saturday is for getting shit done and Sunday is for whatever the hell we feel like doing. Usually food, usually casual food prep, maybe some baking if I’m feeling like I need a treat but always chilling out. There’s not usually a structure to Sunday but we usually end up having brunch or lunch out at a cute cafe.

This week, we ended up in The Speciality Coffee Shop, somewhere we’ve only been once before but, as it’s a teeny bit out of the way (basically not in the main Market Square), we don’t venture to often enough. After our impromptu brunch, we definitely will again. We only popped in for a coffee and maybe a slice of cake but after spying this treat on the menu we decided it would do us for lunch so why not? We both went for the ‘breakfast burger’ which is an English muffin packed with scrambled eggs, sausage and maple bacon served with a side of beans. Super tasty served with a latte! I really like the coffee at Speciality, it’s not too strong and their cups are cute as.

The beauty of the weekends, especially Sunday when I’m not thinking about food shopping, washing, cleaning and working out (these are all Saturday jobs!) is that we hardly check the time. But, although I don’t need to be constantly checking the time, a good watch always tops off an outfit, doesn’t it?

Recently, I’ve been loving the KOMONO Estelle Royale in rose gold, it’s just so pretty. I featured it on my Instagram earlier this week paired with my pink faux leather biker and you guys loved the combination. As do I, it just feels so springy and fresh. I’m definitely late to the rose gold party but I’m loving it now, plus it looks fab with a tan so it’s perfect for summer. This is my go-to accessory of the moment for sure.

How do you structure your weekends? Are you go with the flow or set days for set jobs? We’ve definitely fallen into a routine but, right now, it’s working and I can’t wait for more spring time brunches heading into the summer. As if it’s almost summer! Thanks for reading, guys. Leave me a comment if you’d like to and don’t forget to come and visit me on Instagram.

Thanks to KOMONO for gifting me this beautiful watch for my spring wardrobe.

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