Hoar Cross Hall: A Day Of Relaxation

Last weekend we headed down to Hoar Cross Hall for a facial and a day of chilling out. We’re always busy and it was really exciting to be able to chill for most of the day. I’m not a massive ‘spa day’ person but I really enjoyed this trip. The whole walking around in a robe with strangers is kind of weird to me but you just have to go with it I think!

We first settled down for a quick lunch from the amazing salad bar in the day spa restaurant. This is from a buffet, how amazing? There was fresh seafood, smoked salmon, mackerel, turkey, meats, houmous, rice salad, chickpeas, everything! It was beautiful and set us up for a day of relaxation.

We headed to check out the pool and the detox suite including the sauna, steam room etc before we had our treatments and it’s so fancy! They have a plunge pool, body jets, aqua massage, two jacuzzis and a water cave all around the pool. So pretty and it felt really relaxing. Check out their site for some snaps of the spa and the pool because I obviously couldn’t take my camera into those places!

Although I might not be a spa day type-a-gal, I do love a facial. I indulged in the Elemis Superfood Facial which gives the skin ‘a nutritional boost’ as the products used are ‘rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives.’. Obviously, after a facial you feel great but it was the next day that I really felt like my skin looked healthier and much more glowy! I’d massively recommend it. Becky, my therapist, was lovely too, she chatted to me about my skin, gave me some recommendations and was just the perfect amount of chatty.

I took the chance to try out the new Soft & Gentle Hair Minimising Deodorant that I was sent as a sample. I really love their new packaging, I think it packs a better punch than their old branding, don’t you think? Not sure if it hair minimises just yet as it takes 8 weeks but I love the smell of it and it’s working fab as a normal deodorant so far. It uses Kelisoft™, their ‘new technology for visibly smoother underarms in just 8 weeks. The unique ingredient, is clinically proven to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair so your underarms can stay smoother for longer’, good right?  They’ve also got their new Cool Boost which smells equally awesome which is offers ‘powerful anti-perspirant protection for up to 72 hours. It contains a specially developed complex called Evercool Skin™’. Bravo Soft & Gentle, you guys are nailing it.

After our amazing facial we headed up to Sally Bee’s cafe for a slice of cake and a coffee before we headed home. This is the more rustic, cafe style eatery at Hoar Cross Hall, it’s really cool and they serve brunch all day as well as prosecco and loads of other treats!

I’d definitely recommend heading to Hoar Cross Hall if you’re after a relaxing day away from it all. I had absolutely zero phone signal so it really was an escape. They have a beautiful hotel and huge grounds which are gorgeous when the weather is nice so why not treat yourself?

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