Born In The 80s: Cocktails at Rub

Last week I dragged my buddies from UNiDAYS and our photography club Snap Collective (go follow us on Insta!) to Rub as they’d invited me down to try their new 80s themed cocktails. Every month we have a new theme for our photography club and for April it’s food & drink! Obviously, this is my favourite subject to talk about, photograph, blog about, everything, you guys know that. I love food, I’m a fat kid inside so whenever I have the chance to review food and drinks, I jump at it.

I’d only eaten at Rub once before when it first opened and although I thought it was just alright, I hadn’t been back because I don’t think it really made that much of an impact on me originally. Some of the stuff they have on their menu is kinda crazy, too far on the crazy side for me if I’m honest. We’re talking giant pizza tacos and lasagne burritos and nuts stuff like that. Sometimes I like to keep it plain and simple – the menu was kind of overwhelming. Since the original invite was based around cocktails from Rub I was all down for trying some fancy schmancy drinks and I thought I could have a few snacks whilst we were there to see if Rub’s menu could sway me back.

Let’s get down to the cocktails, these were the main event and they have a huge menu of incredibly exciting and innovative drinks! You can check out their whole cocktail menu on their site but I’m going to run you through my favourites from the night.

First up, my friend Shannon went for this incredible, sparkler fuelled, rum based chalice of amazingness! Named after Alien, the Facehugger is a mix of Kraken Dark Spiced Rum, Ginger & Thyme Shrub, Fresh Lemon Juice, Apricot Syrup & Ginger Ale. Sounds amazing, looks even more crazy, I loved the look of this.

Jake went for this moneybags themed cocktail, the Gordon Gekko; Maraschino Cherry infused Buffalo Trace, Lazzaroni Amaretto & Dark Chocolate Infused Oloroso Sherry. Served over an ice block with “cash rain”. The impact of these cocktails is great, they’re such a good price too for the amount of fun that you’re going to have when you go out with friends to try them.

My favourite cocktail was the Pretty In Pink Grapefruit in the incredible cactus margarita glass. Obsessed! I love grapefruit and other citrus tastes, I’m just really into the sour-ness of them. This cocktail is 1800 Tequila, Briottet Quince (no idea what that is), Pink Glitter Honey Syrup, Grapefruit Juice and Prosecco. It is a dream! And, it’s served with a flashing ice cube and it’s the best thing ever. Refreshing, fruity and a little bit fizzy. It’s awesome. How cool is this glass?

The cocktail in the main image of this blog post is the Night At The Arcade, Pac-Man themed beauty. Sugar around the rim, lemon-y taste and super refreshing again, I’d definitely recommend this.

The lovely manager Rob brought us out some tasty new items from their new menu that’s launching this week for us to nibble on whilst we had our cocktails. We tried their new chicken tenders which were incredible. So delicious. We also tried these little nacho/tater tot things that were ah-mazing. I can’t wait until these are on the menu so you guys can try them. They’re literally a mix of nachos and tater tots and they’re a carb-lovers dream.

We also ordered their classic sharing platter which is just great, greasy, tasty, fried food that are all kinds of delicious. The nachos were pretty good too and I’m a harsh judge of nachos. I’m not sure why there’s crackling going on here, it was too crackly too, not soft enough to actually eat and the garlic bread was a bit too soft and not garlicky enough for my liking. I loved the potato skins and the onion rings though, they were great.

We finished off the night with a couple of desserts, I shared the Ring a Ring a Reese’s with my girl Maddy and we couldn’t finish it, it was huge. Unfortunately our doughnuts were a bit tough so we might have had the end of the packet but the concept was great! It wouldn’t put me off heading back to Rub but if it happened again I’m definitely be complaining and not paying for a dessert that turned up not as fresh as it could be. Everyone else’s desserts seemed to be fine although the sizes of them varied a lot. For a similar price we also ordered the chocolate sausage roll and that was tiny compared to this dessert. Just a bit of inconsistency on the food front.

I’d definitely recommend Rub’s new starters from their menu and the cocktails were amazing for the value so 100% down for those again. I’m not sure if I’d head to Rub on a date night situation but I think it’s great for work events and parties. Have you been to Rub before? What did you think?

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