4 Summer Wedding Style Tips

Summer weddings can be totally stunning, with blue skies as far as the eye can see, luscious green grass, and beautiful flowers (hopefully). The opportunity for your wedding photographer to utilise the glorious weather to get you the best light and background is also amazing. But you still need to get the outfit right. Like winter weddings, summer weddings also require a certain amount of seasonal consideration in the clothing. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Consider your venue

Different wedding venues will have different facilities, depending on the weather. They might even have different flooring or rainy day options. Where your wedding car will drop you off, will you have to walk over grass, gravel, or concrete to get to the church or ceremony? You’ll probably want to consider your footwear, first and foremost. You’re not going to want to clamber over gravel into your ceremony in open sandals, only to walk down the aisle with grit between your toes. It can be easy to think “summer = sandals”, but they might not be the best choice of footwear for you, depending on your venue.

2. Do you have cool weather option?

With the good old British summer, there’s every possibility your wedding day could end up grey, wet, or just distinctly mild. Does the venue you’ve chosen have options to move your wedding indoors, or become more marquee-based if the weather turns foul? It’s also essential to consider this possibility in your outfit. A shrug or shawl which works well with your look is a great backup plan. It can also be a really cute look to have a matching umbrella, just in case. It’ll even make the official photographs far easier too.

3. Don’t overlook comfort

If it’s going to be hot, you’re not going to fancy being stuck in a corseted dress with layer upon layer of beautiful, but not exactly breezy, fabric. If you’re planning a summer wedding, don’t choose a winter dress. Light fabric and few layers will make it easier to move, but also will help to keep air circulating, stopping you from getting too uncomfortable or sticky. The corset is also a terrible idea in summer – try to go for a looser fitting bodice for optimal comfort.


4. Consider a shorter dress

Many women decide that summer is far too warm for a floor length dress, and it might impede dancing abilities too. Cute 1950s style dresses can look amazing, and they’re a far cooler option for summer weddings too. Paired with pretty jewellery, peep-toe heels, and even a bit of colour, they’re a fun and flirty alternative to the traditional dress, while keeping practicality in mind too.

Summer weddings can be truly beautiful, and the weather really does add something. The problem is, we can’t entirely trust British weather to hold out on you. Taking into account all of the possibilities, and ensuring suitable backup plans both in your dress and the venue is essential for letting the day go off without a hitch.

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