8 Ways To Style Stan Smiths

Adidas Stan Smiths have been a style staple on Pinterest, Instagram and the streets for a couple of years now and they don’t seem to be hiding away at the back of the wardrobe any time soon. I mean, if they’re good enough for Victoria Beckham, they’re good enough for me! I wear mine at least once a week and really want to get my hands on some new ones so I find them really versatile and easy to wear. Here are 8 different ways to style them that I’m loving.

1. Khaki utility + Gucci

Khaki and anything though, right?

2. Classic Breton Stripes

This cutie is Brittany Bathgate and she’s one of my favourite Instagrammers!

3. Skater skirt + sweatshirt

This is probably the least ‘minimalist’ outfit of them all in this collection, I just think it’s really fun and cute.

4. Boyfriend Jeans + Tailoring

Stan Smiths and tailoring are best friends. Check out the full outfit details here.

5. Statement leather jacket + distressed jeans

Party up top. Chilled Stans down below.

6. The Full Suit

Just. So. Cool.

7. The Grey/Monochrome Uniform

I.E me everyday in winter.

8. Layering For Days

This outfit just wouldn’t look the same with any other shoes IMO.

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  1. I need to get myself a pair of Stan Smiths, I always look at them but just haven’t picked up a pair yet – god knows why!? I love this post showing lots of different ways to wear them, I would literally wear all of these outfits!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

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