How To Still Have Garden Life In The City

City living is great for a lot of reasons. I know I love it compared to small town life. Most cities are exciting places to be. You can pop out for a coffee, or a meal, whenever you fancy. You never have to miss out because the bus times were wrong, or you had no way of getting there. Plus points aside (and, honestly, there are a lot of them!) there are some not so great things. Sometimes, city living can get on top of you. We all need peace and quiet sometimes. And, something that’s a particular problem when the sun starts shining; outside space can be hard to come by. I know this at the moment, especially as sometimes when the sun comes out I miss my garden!

Very few city homes, especially flats and apartments, have the addition of a garden. And, in summer, who doesn’t want a garden to chill out in? The gardenless among us long for the ability to host late night summer parties. And, don’t even talk about cracking out the BBQ! The good news is, life in the city doesn’t completely end your chances of a garden. Let’s look at how you can make the most of your city garden. Because even a small garden can be beautiful!

The majority of city gardens have paving stones, not grass. Is it any surprise? There’s no place for greenery! Of course, you could go to all the effort of getting your stones lifted, and grass put down in their place. But, it’d be a ball ache. And the grass might look a little random. A better option may be to embrace the garden you have and make it look beautiful anyway.

Potted plants will be your saviour here. They’ll add a much-needed burst of colour. Plus, they can look amazing! Focus on getting pots that suit the grungy style of your city. Your garden could become a floral haven in no time. Then, stock up on something like Bramblecrest garden furniture. It’s may be true that you haven’t got a huge deal of space. But, a two-seater table set in the corner could look fantastic. You could get into the habit of eating outside and soaking up the sun. Obviously when said some comes out.

Another fantastic way to liven an uninspiring outside space is to incorporate lighting. Fairy lights are an excellent option. They look gorgeous, and won’t be so bright that they’ll blind your neighbours. Oh, do we forget to mention that you may well be overlooked?

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