Why #OfficeYoga Is The Way Forward

The importance of exercise when working in an office is huge. Sitting down all day can be really bad for you! If I don’t leave work at lunchtime for a stroll around town or to run some errands then I literally can clock up less than 4000 steps a day which I only get in because we walk to and from the carpark which is about 25-30 minutes walking a day in total. This is shocking!

You’re meant to do 10,000 as the recommendation but I know people that make sure they’re doing at least 15,000 before the day is up and this puts me to shame. But, I would literally be walking around for hours before and after work (the time when I’m either at the gym, writing my blog or watching reality TV). Yep, I could replace a little Sam Faiers The Mummy Diaries with some walking but I would literally never be in the flat that I pay to live in so, give me something!

I go to the gym where I’ll do a class like kettlebells or some weights or I do hot yoga 3, 4 or 5 times a week if I’m feeling really good. I try and do at least 6,000 steps a day and now it’s time to add something new to actual working hours. (I think I might have to start a new feature called Yoga Mondays, it seems to be a theme at the moment.) What can I say, I’m just loving it so today it’s all about #OfficeYoga from furniture@work! I’m definitely going to get the girls doing this with me at work (before we head off to actual yoga of course). You don’t have to make the same face as the guy in the video but definitely give it a try to get some more activity into your life if you’re an office worker like me!

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