5 Basic Trends I Can’t Get Enough Of

There’s nothing wrong with being a basic sometimes when trends are this cute. I totally don’t care! You be as authentic and original as you like but I’m sticking here with these cutie-matootie trends that I can’t get enough of. From Pinterest style to that holiday Instagram prop, you name it, I’m on it.

1. Khaki

I absolutely love khaki, it’s just a great colour that’s basically a neutral to me now. I picked up a khaki heavy cotton shacket from Primark for £14 about two weeks ago and I must have worn it 10 times by now. Insanely good value and it literally goes with any outfit. I then went all out and decided on some cargo trousers in Zara. I am in love with khaki and I want the whole of Pinterest to know about it.

2. Cool-toned hair

Scott Cornwall toners have been a bit of a lifesaver for my epically warm-toned hair recently. I used the Cool Ash this weekend and it also left my hair super soft.

3. Cactus-themed everything

Prezzybox sent over this gorgeous silver cactus necklace and it’s been adding something new to my outfits. I love cactus-printed anything at the moment, they’re just so aesthetically pleasing aren’t they?

4. Those pool floats

I mean, I couldn’t not jump on this super cute trend. I can’t wait to get in the pool on holiday with this bad boy. Unicorns for life.

5. Gucci-inspired pieces

These babes are from Ego Shoes and are super cute and super comfortable. I didn’t think I’d ever get so ‘trendy’ with my blogging but these were just too fluffy to ever go without. I’m also all about the Gucci Soho Disco bag, praying I can get my hands on one of those bad boys one day.

This post includes some blogger mail samples that I have been gifted and affiliate links as well as products that I have bought myself.

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