Where To Drink Coffee In Leeds: Mrs Atha’s

Located just around the corner from Trinity Leeds Mrs Atha’s is the absolute perfect place to cosy up with a coffee in the winter and hide from the rain or bask outside in the sunshine with an iced latte and a gorgeous cake in the summer time. Mrs Atha’s is an all year round, seriously cool, amazingly creative, mega tasty coffee shop smack bang in the centre of Leeds and you need to go there next time you’re in town.

This bad boy was called a Banoffington if I remember rightly (such a cute name)! Soft, banana-y sponge cake with a hint of toffee covered in chocolate and topped with more toffee. This was literally amazing and the slab was huge. Not sickly at all, just incredibly more-ish. Of course, a cappuccino was served alongside this tasty sweet treat that happened to become my lunch last weekend. Plus, this coffee was served by the owner himself, a seriously cool cat with an impressive trainer collection which is all good with me. Top marks, Mrs Atha’s!

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