How to maximise bathroom space in one step

For a modern home in particular, bathroom vanity cabinets are a near essential purchase! They provide us with a stylish decorative fixture and great storage solution all in one. With plenty of attractive space-saving designs on the market, there’s a lot to consider before deciding on the best style of unit for your bathroom. If you’re looking to really maximise space, however, one option clearly stands out in the form of a corner bathroom vanity – especially perfect for a small bathroom or en-suite.

Enhancing your bathroom with a corner vanity

Contemporary corner vanity units will have both a sink and taps as well as internal shelving and hopefully a matching mirror. Bathroom corner cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles with an array of beautiful finishes, including wood, gloss white and black to name just a few – there are also floor-standing and wall mounted designs to choose between in a range of different sizes. Some designs incorporate multiple drawers in vertical or horizontal stacks, with others featuring single doors as well as square, rectangular and oval vessel sinks.

Different styles of bathroom vanities

Of course, there are many other styles of bathroom vanities on offer away from corner units, with vertical and horizontal designs most popular. These cabinets, again available in an extensive choice of different sizes and styles, incorporate either single or double sinks; both types of cabinet will maximise space, but your choice may be influenced by the size of your bathroom, and other fixtures and furniture within it.

For smaller bathrooms, perhaps inclusive of a shower enclosure rather than a bath, even a compact floor-standing bathroom cabinet could represent an effective centrepiece. Corner bathroom vanities are, of course, ideal for creating a greater sense of space, but given that their design dictates where they should be positioned, they can’t really be seen as a viable central focal point for a bathroom.

Whilst they may not be centrally positioned as a standout bathroom feature though, bathroom corner vanities can definitely deliver the perfect finishing touches to a room, adding an understated sense of style and practicality to the area. If you’re looking to achieve an ultra-modern look, it’s well worth sourcing a corner vanity with impressive minimalist details such as chrome taps and handles. Ultimately, no matter what the colour and style of your bathroom décor, and the size of your space as a whole, you’ll definitely be able to find a complete bathroom set suited to your preferences and requirements. Hudson Reed USA offer a great selection of quality bathroom vanities in a wide variety of different styles.

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  1. Aah this has come at the right time for me as I’ve been considering a corner vanity to free up some cabinet space (I just can’t bear to throw away half empty bottles of old moisturiser even if I have a new fancy one). Thanks for the inspiration to further maximise my space 😛

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