5 Of The Best Straw Bags This Summer

My summer holiday countdown is on! With only a few weeks to go I’m already planning my capsule wardrobe for the 9-10 days that I’m away for. One thing that I’ve been on the lookout for a while is the perfect straw beach bag. I’m after something cute, a bit funky and with a lot of room so it’s a great size for me to take on the plane as my hand luggage!

1. Feel the love with Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams

This baby has pom-poms, it’s brightly coloured and I think it’d go with a lot of my beach essentials as well as jeans and my khaki jacket with a white tee for the plane. I think this is the one I’m going to go for but I had a shop around and found four other options that I thought you guys might like as well. I also saw a £9 pom-pom number in Primark but it was definitely smaller than all of these so wouldn’t be spot on for my preference. This Floozie one is a great price at £20 (currently on offer down from £25).

I quite like the Floozie brand, it’s really fun and they have some lovely swimwear pieces on Debenhams too so check them out if you fancy something new for your holidays!

2. The Cactus one from Mango

This is obviously so, so, so cute! You had me at cactus. I love Mango clothes and accessories, they always seem to get things so right and this is gorgeous and so on trend. The only thing that’s killing it for me is the price. At just under £40 and with no discount code in sight it’s a touch on the pricier side for me at the moment.

3. The plain & simple from H&M

H&M is the ideal place to shop for holiday essentials on the cheap. This baby is £17.99 which is a great price for a holiday beach bag and it’ll go with anything and everything because it’s very neutral. They also have raffia-style tote shoppers in white, natural and black which are only £12.99!

4. Tassels for days from JD Williams

Feeling jazzy? You need this incredible bag from JD Williams. This is somewhere where gals my age probably wouldn’t think of shopping because it has quite a mature reputation and market. But, I found my killer blue faux fur camo parka that’s one of my winter staples from here and I had so many compliments on that. It pays to shop around places that you wouldn’t expect cool items to be. Plus, it means you won’t be just another girl with a Topshop bag in the departures lounge. There’s also a cute cross-body version that you might like if you like this. This bag is almost at the top of my price range but JD Williams do credit and they also have great offers from time to time.

5. Tassels by South Beach from ASOS

You know I love a pom-pom but tassels are having a serious moment right now, aren’t they? I’ve seen so many awesome tassel earrings and now this tassel bag has popped onto the scene. At just £25, this is a bargain and I love the colours. Again, ASOS have student discount and a seriously good returns policy so they’re one of my favourite places to shop. Happy shopping and I hope you have a fabulous holiday if you’re off to the sun this year!

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