5 ways to look after coloured hair in the summer

The sunshine is gorgeous and it leaves us feeling sassy and golden, right? Yes! As great as it can make our skin look, because, let’s face it, everyone looks better with a tan, it can wreak havoc on your gorgeous hair. Especially if it’s coloured. I’ve been colouring my hair for longer than I haven’t now, almost.  As the queen of hair dye I always try and look after my colour because that stuff is pricey! Here are 5 ways to look after your locks in the summer.

1. Cool it

If you lower the temperature of your shower water your colour will last longer! The follicles don’t get opened up as much so the colour clings to your tresses for longer. Plus, I also read that you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least two days after it’s been coloured so it sinks into your hair properly, I’ll definitely be trying this next time I get my colour done.

2. Don’t strip

Step away from stripping shampoos! Products like Head & Shoulders and other anti-dandruff shampoo will strip your colour and leave you with dull locks. Always use a shampoo for coloured hair and a nourishing conditioner if you’ve bleached it.

3. Lower the heat

If your straighteners have a lower heat setting, always go for the lowest setting you can where you can still get your style how you like it! Try not to use heat everyday on your coloured hair too as this makes it fade quicker. I try to let my hair air dry at least twice a week. I only wash my hair every other or every third day anyway to keep my colour lasting longer and because I’m super lazy! I like to use Lee Stafford Mini Dry Shampoo when I’m away on holiday to keep things fresh between washes.

4. Cover up

In the summer the sun’s UV rays can fade your colour, especially if you’re dark so grab a cute straw hat and cover up! Or, lie with your head in the shade if you’re sunbathing, this is also better for your skin so it’s a win-win.

5. Use protection

Protect your hair in the same way you would your skin. Grab yourself a spray on UV protector for when you’re out in the sun. Plus, don’t forget to always use a heat protecting product when you’re using straighteners or curlers. I’m loving the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Spray for the summer because it smells so tropical and coconut-ty. One thing I’d change is to potentially have it as more of a mist and less of a spray because it can wet your hair a little. Great for when your hair is towel-dried, this doesn’t matter but if you’ve just dried it and spray too much of this on it, it can go soggy again!

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